What fruits did you eat today?


Can’t get enough Clementines from Corsica. Waiting for the Mandarins from Spain and Italy. Love winter citrus! Les Agrumes


Portuguese citrus are better… :grin:




Yes! The algarve oranges, for example are very very sweet! :yum:
But not just those. We have some native varieties like Setúbal mandarines that are very very sweet.


I am not that fortunate, got to eat the same stuff every day. I need a couple peaches, plums or whatever.



Love the frog too!


I have never seen most of the fruit you post. Can you tell me about Buddha’s hand lemon? Is it like a “regular” lemon on the inside of those fingers. Does it peel easily and is there much fruit meat left once it is peeled?
How do finger limes compare in taste to Key limes or Persian limes?
I love lemons and limes but we are too cold to grow them outdoors here.


Hi! Thank’s! The Buddha’s hand lemon just have the white part inside and this is a bit sweet but no juice at all. You can use it for tea, to make a liquor like limoncello that named buddhacello or candied fingers.


Regarding finger limes the flavour is like lemon flavour but more herbal.
By the way you can grow lemon trees, finger limes or budda’s hand on pots… :blush:


very Interesting! Thanks @Luisport. The Buddha’s hand is one of the strangest fruits I have seen!
I do have a few lemons growing in pots but don’t know how to get them through the winters here. I brought them indoors a few weeks ago when it started getting colder. I know quite a few people on this forum overwinter citrus without a greenhouse, so I need to read up on how to do that.


Thank’s! No dout Buddha’s hand is one of the most beautifull fruit i have… i love to pick it and observe all the crazy details this fruit have. And only one fruit perfume the division she stands…


Buddha’s hand citron budwood is available to order via CCPP website (https://ccpp.ucr.edu/onlineOrdersV2/index.php/home) if you want to graft it on your citrus tree.


cool, thanks! My trees are very little right now, so I won’t be grafting to them for awhile. But I really love regular lemons, so don’t that I would use a Buddha’s hand citron for anything other than the novelty of how it looks.
If I can keep my little trees alive and figure out how to help them flourish, I may graft down the road.


More good ideas… :blush:


Nikita’s Gift persimmon. Meh!!



Crazy! and Pretty!


Or used as a room freshener.


Yes she is very perfumed


Tippy, so delicious, my mouth is watering😋


I found a pawpaw in the back of the fridge. It had been there better than a month. It had some brown spots but I think it improved with fridge time. Absolutely no off flavors. Maybe it was just an extra good one. The patch had a bit of variability.