What fruits did you eat today?



You finally done it!

I’ve been eating persimmons that ripened in the kitchen and I’ve been eating persimmon popsickles. This has been the best snack/dessert eating of my entire lifetime… I kid you not!

Here a couple of the varieties I’ve been eating:


Excellent Luis!!


Thank’s! :grin:


My Overleese Pawpaw produced a few fruit this year and I shared this with a customer.Our Summer was late and also,the variety may not be suited for a mild climate.I have a Kentucky Champion,supposedly an early ripening one,which may put out some next year.


Slow trickle of Hachiyas. I measured the brix at 23 on this one. One of my friends pointed it to me and then I started noticing it too - there is an unmistakable taste of sapodilla towards the end.


Does anyone know the name of this pineapple. Including the leaves its about nine inches tall. They are very sweet, with little core. That will be my fruit today!


I believe they call them baby pineapples and they’re grown in South Africa.


Avocado with feijoa jam

Persimmon from our tree


Giant Fuyu!


How good is it compared to other non-astringents?


Fuji and Golden Russet. Golden Russet tasted better, denser and aromatic. Fuji is just a sweet apple by comparison.


Giant Fuyu is very similar to Jiro/Fuyu types. The flavor is a little less intense, and the texture is a little more succulent.


More clementines and a fresh pineapple!


Giant Fuyu again, but bigger. 469 g, 92 mm wide.


A house near us has a Golden Delicious tree that they let apples dropped every year that it sets fruit. This year, we finally asked the owner. He said I could take them all. We did not have time until this afternoon. Got 18 lbs good apples. Blemishes are mostly cosmetic. The owner does not spray or thin so it bears biennially. We were told that GD is good for baking.

My husband made apple crisp tonight.


Whoever told us that Golden Delicious was good for baking must like soft food. We like firmer texture. The texture of this GD after baking was so soft, almost like apple sauce. Though the apple texutre was soft, this apple crisp tasted great.


Why don’t the squirrels eat his apples? Because the are not bagged.


His house is on a busy street and the apple tree is next to the sidewalk. Cars pass by all day and so do pedestrians.

My guess is the noise and the commotion discourage squirrels. Squirrel damage to my fruit trees are almost always in the backyard, not the front.


:joy: that’s funny MrsG!!!


Are these really as good or better than marionberries? I have seen some nurseries purport that they taste better and are thornless.