What fruits did you eat today?


I really like them, and they are thornless. My favorite of the 4 or 5 I’ve grown plus the wild ones. I don’t thnk I’ve had fresh marionberries.


Clementines and mandarins.


I had a lone fruit on one of the Feijoa bushes I planted (Mammoth) this year. I picked it up once it fell to the ground and left it on the kitchen counter for a couple of days as it was quite hard. Once cut open, it had a quite strong medicinal fragrance. I didn’t see any jelly-like pulp and the taste was decent but gritty. I am putting it down to the vagaries of first year fruit. Otherwise, I have to pull this one out :slight_smile:


Pomegranate (bought) and persimmons (grown)

Persimmons left on the tree through a 24 degree night. Top is Tam Kam. Bottom is Eureka. Not much difference in the non astringent TK but it sure started the softening of the astringent Eureka. Looks like I’ll have plenty pulp for persimmon jam!


A friend sent me this guava…
Wow it’s amazing!


I am not so fond of guava, but this looks really good.


It was the first time i eat one and i love it! We eat everything even the skin. It was very perfumed and very crunchy… the portuguese name of this variety is goiaba de pescoço.




I received a really nice basket of fruit from my church. My family and I have been enjoying it ever since. All the tried and true, but I think we are loving the bosc pears most of all. This summer has made a grapefruit lover out of me as well, and I dont feel like my day has started right without one. I take all my meds at night, so I dont think the grapefruit it a problem.Im loving the photos of so many fruits that I am not familiar with.


Ingá pod…


Red-fleshed apple called Pink Parfait, a tasty variety.


Can you compare this to Pink Pearl? I read the Parfait has a honey flavor while Pearl is more tart


I have a Pink Pearl somewhere but it has not fruited. So I have not been able to compare it.

It will be hard to top Pink Parfait.


WOW! Is that ice cream bean, and are those beans sprouting? Did you grow that Luis? How do you describe the taste please.


Hi! I describe it better on my thread. It was a gif from a friend that grows it on Madeira Island. The seeds are all sprouting and i already planted them.
The flavour is very sweet and juicy. So sweet that you feel the mouth sweet for some time. It’s like cotton candy! :yum:
Very very good fruit!


An apple from the local growers market on Wed. It was just labeled ‘Pink’ I was hoping for a pink fleshed apple. It was not! But it was crispy and good. Not very sweet.


I’m dull. I had some supermarket raspberries and blueberries in my cereal, and will have a supermarket “Honeycrisp” apple for lunch. The apples have been sitting in my fridge for a while, and feel slightly soft, but I don’t notice it when I eat them. I think it’s just the outermost millimeter or two of flesh that’s slightly dehydrated. The rest is sound. This apple keeps very well.


Pink Lady?


Pink lady is white flesh…