What fruits did you eat today?


I think so.


My friend gave me 3 beautiful and large red-skinned dragon fruit. I ate one today. It tasted a bit better than plain water, unfortunately.

I have had little luck with dragon fruit, both red skinned and yellow skinned. 9 out of 10 times, they had little taste.


Funny, I just had a red-fleshed one last night. It was okay, probably a little better than yours, but nothing to get excited about or justify the price. I’ve had really good red and yellow fleshed ones before though. I’ve never had a white fleshed one with any flavor, but I don’t rule it out :slight_smile:


Have 6 Oro Blancos on the second leaf tree. Trying one each month to see what’s the best ripening season. Still a month to go, I guess


Still eating oranges, mandarins, Pomelo’s.


To me, dragon fruit sold in my area do not justify the high price, not even the yellow-skinned one. All were mildly to very mildly sweet (if I could call it sweet). I had very sweet ones before but not often.

They were sold for their look. It is a disservice to dragon fruit. Wish the growers let them ripen or close to ripen before harvesting them.


I had a slice of apple pie this morning. Mostly Caville Blanc apples.


Are you referring to Paloras when you say yellow or the ones that look like your last photo but yellow. Paloras are almost always very sweet.


I feel like I’ve got about a 40% success rate on store bought dragonfruits around here. If you can find the frozen ones, the quality is usually much better. Different experience, but the flavor is great.




I don’t know the difference. They were labeled dragon fruit. The one in the pic was sweeter but not that sweet compared to the good red-skinned ones I had.

@jcguarneri, dragon fruit are grown in Thailand, too. I had some there. Not all were good.


These do show up every now and then at H-Mart, a bit pricey but the sweetness is guaranteed.


I didn’t grow this, so I can’t tell if this is sport of just one occurrence. It looks as if I brush painted it.


Still eating the last of my bababerries…but that’s it for now! Trimmed most canes back to the ground or cut in half. We will see how they do this upcoming year. Very exciting!


OMG that looks delicious!


Yuzu from my neighbor’s tree:


@Monardella Those are super orange. Are they still flavorful when that ripe?


Are those white or yellow fleshed? I got a yellow skinned, white fleshed one from Safeway for about $4 and it was quite sweet and had a bit of acid, so not insipid. Wasn’t the best I had, but good and definitely worth eating. I think the best I’ve had so far have been yellow skin and yellow flesh. Maybe coincidence. I don’t recall a cultivar or brand name though.


Yes still wonderful. Been a weird Yuzu year. They are normally (for years) very bitter and really intense. This year they are sweet and mild.



I think your description matches this variety, there is also this yellow skin DF, but I never tried it.



Yeah, I think the scales and seeds on ours were more like the 1st one. Although I don’t recall some of the seeds being brown like that pictured one.