What fruits did you eat today?

One of the Asian Groceries near me. Remind me in winter and if they still have I can ship some.

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Ate a red aster apple and a Bevans favorite.

Bevans favorite

The red aster was very small and actually a bit mealy. The Bevans favorite on the other hand seemed like it needed a bit more time. Last year i picked them July 15 and I was a bit late.

It was medium size, red stripes that reminded me of St Lawrence apples over a field of gold. Good combination of sweet and enough tart to keep it interesting. Nice early apple!

As always my lab Katie was in on the tasting. When I don’t toss her an apple or a core that’s on the ground, she grabs it in her mouth and tossrs it up in the air to herself and catches it!


Black Diamond watermelon imo is the best hands down.


I want some!


My Grosse Mignon white peaches. Some became a pieProcessing: F17D5103-87B4-421E-B1BA-108FAC1DFC3C.jpeg...
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Today my MIL found a local grower selling a very late ripening mango. The grower planted a few seeds of Molgova, which is a great mid-season variety and this one turned out to be late. It has the same features but with a smaller size and late ripening.

It has the characteristic bumpy skin and sweet aroma. I realize, may be more than other fruits, the aroma (along with sweetness and texture) makes the mango more enjoyable.


My white peaches are very sweet and tasty this year due to the drought condition.



Tony, are you still growing water chestnuts? A colleague gave me a couple tubers about a month ago, and they are not thriving. I have them in soil, submerged about 4" below the waterline in a water garden pot with duckweed. The leaves turn brown at the tips and eventually seem to die back. Just wondering what I’m doing wrong. :neutral_face:



Went on a hike in the White Mountains and found some moxie plums, alpine bilberry, and lingonberry. It was really great to taste these wild treats.


if you look around Cadillac mtn. on Acadia this time of year, there are lingons, crowberry and bilberry. werent far from the parking lot either. im thinking no one that saw them knew what they were. just had a slice of still warm black currant crumble with vanilla ice cream. was on par if not better than raspberry crumble i usually make. its a keeper!


Mexican Kent mangos have arrived in NY. They are large and 98 cents at Walmart.