What fruits did you eat today?

Bahri are my favorites too. After spending time in Palm Springs a while ago I tasted every date the orchards grew. Or are they groves? Medjools were great for stuffing. Here our dates are from Jordan and Morocco. I just love dates!


I’ve been out of my stored apples for awhile, so just eating grocery store apples now.

I think the store bought honeycrisps are getting worse and worse. Basically sweetish cardboard now versus a really good Jazz apple I had recently.

They used to be better. Is quality control suffering? Bad storage practices?

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Sweetish would be an upgrade to the Honeycrisp available here.

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Tried two pummelos for the first time:

Chandler - I expected it to be pink but it was white, with some tone of pink. Great taste - very sweet, right amount of tart and no bitterness. I would rate this in the same bucket as Oro blanco.

Valentine pummelo - Finally got hold of a few!! It was everything like advertised. Very sweet, a hint of berry flavor, no bitterness, vibrant color and heart shaped!


Great report. Did you get these from Sigona’s market in Palo Alto?

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Valentine pummelo from Sigona’s, and Chandler from Sunnyvale farmer’s market.


I’m not sure how I missed this post about the early Flavor King sport. Maybe I didn’t pay attention because Flavor King hasn’t been on my list.

I’d like to get some dormant scion wood, perhaps next year?

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@murky , no problem, hit me up next January.

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Myrica Rubra Chiense Bayberry, Also sometimes called YumBerry. I have had dryed and candied but after tasteing these frozen ones I think YumBerry is a good name.

Tastes like sweet merlot and sweet cherry.

@RedSun you mentioned eating them before?


Those yellow mangos from Mexico were in sale at whole food, and we’re excellent.

Tropical fruits in Hawaii!


Honeyberry! :purple_heart::blue_heart: Check out that size difference


Blackberries starting to ripe, so far my marionberry I like the best and the stink bugs like them too.


Prime ark freedom blackberries with a few Ponca blackberries. Mmmmmmm


Those look fantastic. The Un of ARK needs a picture of those for PR.

Jackfruit! Insanely sweet!


These Brewster lychees are deliciously sweet. They’re a consistently better one I can buy during the summer.


I’m visiting family in India twice this year - in March and now. Unfortunately, that means I missed most of the mango season here but I caught some very early and very late varieties. The only early variety I tried in March was Senthuram - nice aroma and mild sweetness. Now, it’s close to end of the season but I was lucky to taste a couple of late varieties: Rumani (good aroma and moderately sweet but has a bit of stringy texture. Not enough to bother me) and Neelam (no aroma, moderately sweet but sensitive to rough handling). All of them were very enjoyable and miles better than grocery store mangoes in the US. Although, mid-season is where the action is, with good varieties like Alphonso, Banganapalle, Imam pasand, Kesar, Malgoa, etc.

I spoke to a grower here and he mentioned that all of the mangoes are harvested unripe and ripened later. Also, these are old varieties and I’m sure the modern varieties have improved on the combination of aroma and sweetness. I wonder then, why such bad quality mangoes in the US? They are imported from Mexico which should be able to grow and ripen all of these varieties and more. I guess may be a lack of demand in the US and potentially large demand locally (that good varieties are diverted there).


Where do you buy them frozen?

So lucky, I love India. I would like to go again this winter. Depending on Covid.