What fruits did you eat today?


My first vdb fig. Very sweet good flavor. I don’t have very much experience with figs, so not much to compare it to but I can’t wait for the next one to ripen


Mollie apples ripening. Sometime they will get red and sometimes they will be mostly green colored. Sweet/mild and grows well in the south.


I tried 3 apples at Ithaca Farmer’s Market today, Zestar, Gravenstein and Discovery.

I did not know how close to ripen those fruit were. They were all small. Don’t think the growers thinned their fruit.

Zestar - sour. Too tart for my liking.
Gravenstein- first bite a bit sour and followed by sweetness. Like it.
Discovery - sour and the texture reminded me of Red Delicious. Not my taste.

I know many people here like sour or tart apples. I don’t. I definitely will want to have Gravenstein scionpwood.


Pink Pearl apple. I had a party and one guest grew up near Ettersburg, where Alfred Etter developed this beauty.


Found a local seller of Mexican mangoes off Craigslist ($6/box) which we sampled and loved so ended up buying 12 boxes for family and friends. Been eating lots of my own peaches, nectarines, apricots and berries lately. Added lots of yummy mangoes to my diet, including 2 whole ones for breakfast today. My mm.



But how did it taste? Hard to tell from the photo but it looks mealy. Although I love the color.


A Charentais melon for breakfast.


Not mealy at all. Crisp, tart, like a Granny Smith, but with a little more tart strawberry flavor. Maybe it’s just because of the color, but most guests agreed with the strawberry assessment, after doing a tasting of a half dozen fig varieties that are just beginning to crop.


I’ve had some Damson plums fall early due to some bug damage. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like them fresh. If this was the only Euro plum I had and they tasted this good every year, I’d be fine. Brix ranged from 16 to 18 but they are juicier than average Euro plums and have a nice tartness. These are not astringent for me at all.


I’m really enjoying some Euro plums now. French Prune and Golden Transparent Gage, both truly amazing if fully ripe. WoW! Coe’s Golden Drop should also be ripening soon.


Pearl Prune.These are the first and only ones that came on grafted wood from Bob Purvis,a couple years ago.
Sweet and somewhat juicy,about 21 brix.I like them. Brady


Saturn peaches. Mine took this long to ripen. I picked some last week, a bit too early. Today I picked the rest, fully ripe. It is sweet with no tartness in it. My family loves it.


A beautiful Ginger Gold apple! I was too in a hurry to eat it to get a photo, but big, yellow, luminous (maybe my imagination) with salmon blush on the sun side. I had never had one before, and this was off of a two year old graft branch. It tasted like it was suffused with honey and vanilla. I’m so thrilled! I didn’t expect it to do well here. I also had a pear that fell off my tree, but since I found it on the ground, I’m not sure which graft it was from. It was melting and sweet and very juicy, couldn’t believe I grew it myself. It might have been Maxine or Tyson. They are both newer grafts but haven’t had fruit from them yet so I don’t know them apart by taste.


Any opinions of the fruit of Paviot?


I’ve just planted a Paviot tree (and also grafted a branch) this spring. Maybe next year.


Made my first ever applesauce with some of our Sansa and some other apples that dropped early. Very yummy! Very easy to make and it was a hit with my girls. Really looking forward to having mature trees where I can do a lot of canning of this!


That sounds and looks like some awesome sauce! Can I get some scions from you this winter?


Lots of grapes…, very good.

Flavor King… I have FK on several trees…so some ripen a lot quicker then others. Very good. Very sweet. Simple to grow…nothing to hate on this one. Still have about 20 to 30 of them out there.


Good to hear. I grafted some Pearl this year and I think it came from Bob.


A Mollies Delicious, it wasn’t and my first Chestnut crab. It had some hail damage, was bit tart, but sooo good. Can’t wait till they’re fully ripe.