What fruits did you eat today?


Could you please post a picture of a whole fruit (FK)? I have 3 fruit on a small branch I grafted last year. Mine just turn a liitle pink. I’d like to find out how red the fruit should be before picking.

Judging from other fruit you have picked, you are almost two weeks ahead of me and you’re in a colder zone. Go figure!!!


This is what my Flavor King look like. Kinda hard to tell color with all the bloom on the fruit.


This is my haul of Sweetcrisp this year.SNAP CRACKLE POP! Almost 24 brix. Brady


Yup…last picture is what mine look like. FK are easy to identify with the spotting…it’s really telling as they start to turn color.


While at the Mart of Wal yesterday, they had some Plumcots in the produce section, so I had to pick up a box of them. These actually were named this time, called Dapple Dandy, from the same place the apriums I tried last month, Family Tree Farms.

For some reason, they have the texture (or feel) of a tomato, and sized about two inches in diameter. Skin has a pale red color to it with some yellow. When cut into, they are a darker red, very attractive. Very juicy, but held its shape when cut.

The taste is more of apricot than plum, that is, pretty tangy, but sweet as well. It has that musty plum taste in there also, but not as prominent. I think this is the best flavored of all these plum-apricot hybrids I’ve tried. I really like the one I had, my wife didn’t want to try one but will soon.

If 'cots weren’t so hard to grow here, I might consider trying one of these trees. But, I prob need to stop buying trees…


3 pretty girls you have there. Looks like they like the sauce, so win win for you


None for me this year, and that really makes me miss them. Good looking fruit


They do color up for me long before they are ripe


Thanks, guys. Mine are mostly green. Unfortunately, they are in an area of the tree that is shaded. It looks like it would need a few more weeks for them to ripen.


Can you give us a little more about what you think? I’ve also measured 24 brix. For a blueberry that’s crazy high.


There are a bunch of Southern Highbush and several Rabbiteye on my carport roof.Yesterday,I went up with a container to harvest the Sweetcrisp,before any birds did.
The first row were Rabbiteyes,so those were sampled,some were okay,but Yadkin really stood out in sweetness.
Then the Sweetcrisp were tasted and there was a noticeable higher level of sugar.I went back to the Yadkin,but couldn’t find one nearly as sweet.Rabbiteye do take longer to ripen and it was getting towards evening.I’ll try to get a brix reading on those sometime.
While up there,I tried Reveille and Springhigh and they were bland.The latter was talked about before as having very good flavor.Maybe my plant from Florida Hill was mislabeled.
To me,some of the Northern Highbush,like Spartan may have better flavor,but for sweetness and firmness,without having a thick,tough skin like Berkeley,Sweetcrisp is unique. Brady


Cotton candy grapes. My kids loved them. I thought they sucked. Didn’t taste like cotton candy to me but my daughter and wife thought they did. $3.99/lb. Right next to them were red Scarlett grapes on sale for $.99/lb that blew them away.


Mangosteen. Sprouts has them for the unbelievable price of $2.49 per lb.


Went to Styer orchard in Langhorne, PA today and picked $33 worth of peaches, nectarines, and apples. I know the apples were Ginger Gold and Early Delicious but unsure of the other varieties. We made a nice fruit salad for dessert. Very tasty!


Had some of the last breba figs. A bunch of Violette de Bordeaux and an unknown that was given to me.


Sweet Sapphire grapes-

and Tropical Sunrise pluots-


I found some local baby Honey Dew melons, which are probably a product of thinning out the crop or may be it is a cultivar that really produces tiny melons (small grapefruit size). Have you seen it or try it in your area?

They are surprisingly good!! :yum: A lady at the market showed me how to eat it by chowing down the whole thing like an Apple :laughing: yep, rind & seeds … I thought she lost it. She bought 3 big bags about 10 lbs each so she seriously like it.

When I tried them myself, I realized the rind is crunchy thin with a rich honey dew flavor pulp. The seeds are crunchy edible. I never thought you can eat the whole thing if she hadn’t shown me. She also said she had this tree in her yard when she was a kid so that also bring back a lot of memory for her.

I should have taken some picture before I finished the last one. :smile:


Sweet sapphire grapes? I have never seem a grape like that one! Where did you get it?


There are at least 3 grape varieties being sold that have long skinny fruit including Witch Finger and Moon Drops. I bought these at Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley California, but Wholefoods often has the others.


Thanks . I just looked them up and it it the latest grape in ‘grapes’! Very, very sweet! The variety that looks like fingers is scary!