What fruits did you eat today?


Been eating lots of Mexican mangoes, bananas and home grown peaches, nectarines, apricots, late strawberries, going berries, blackberries and the last blueberries from our bushes.


I had no idea grapes looked like that!


Blackberries and strawberries; my Italian prunes are starting to ripen!


I bought moon drops last year and we all loved them. Great flavor


Blackberries and picked Italian plums!


Mrs. G.,
My Castleton E plums look like yours and some are even darker. I have a hard time figuring it out when they ripen. Do you need to have your plums soft to a touch before picking?


I picked two Kirke’s Blue Plums from a multi-graft,with Bob Purvis’s scions.This is the first time fruiting for these,so was unsure when they fully ripen.They probably could have stayed on the tree a bit longer,but one was about 17 brix, tasty and fairly soft.The other will stay on the counter for awhile.
Also,the last Nectaplum was harvested.Sweet,pretty good flavor.Brady

Kirke’s Blue Plum

Spice Zee Nectaplum


Eve’s Black Cherry figs. My most aesthetically pleasing and tasty fig tree


Baby Crawford, and Early Elberta Peaches, Hewe’s Crab apples (quite good if you don’t mind the astringency)


So is it a melon or a tree fruit?


They should give, but not be soft. If they are soft the are already rotting. I picked these early because if I didn’t, the squirrels would not leave one on the tree! They are slowly ripening on my counter.


Now, you scare me with the “rotting” thing. Just yesterday, I found several Satsuma plums rotted because they split/cracked (inside bags, hard to notice) that I was not aware of. By the time, I knew what went on, they rotted!!!

I will see if I should harvest some Castleton plum later today and let they ripen more on a counter.

I’ve never cooked with plums. Do you have good recipes? I bet you do.


Easy plum tart recipe. You will need a tart pan with removable bottom. Taste them, if they are a little crunchy but sweet, they are perfect. They should not be mushy.


Enjoying my first Ginger Gold of the season and thinking of @Matt_in_Maryland with each bite.


How is Kirke’s Blue compared to other plums?


I was able to finally sample my first only only Erwin Baur apple that I picked a bit prematurely. An XL pretty sporting translucent lime to lemon background with faint pink stripes. Wow I look forward to more of these. They resemble Karmijns fresh off the tree with the concentrated sweet/tartness that rock my world. This one deserves to be better known.


Since this is the first fruiting and probably picking too soon,I may not be the one to ask.
Taste is subjective,but Kirke’s Blue is highly rated,from a number of sources,with Raintree Nursery’s description,“the finest flavored of all plums”,being the most boastful.If the Plum comes even near that for me in the future,I’ll be happy. Brady


Good point. I didn’t think of asking her at the time but I assume she meant tree in general sense (as in plant). I didn’t even ask her how much bigger it gets. I was a bit shocked when she started chowing down the fruit in the produce/fruit isle. :smile:


That fig looks delicious! Does it go by another name? Where did you get it from?


The research I’ve done indicates that it’s rare and doesn’t go by another name. I got it from a collector in Napa as a tiny rooted whip. The tree is the most robust of all my figs. Just yesterday someone was admiring it out of all the trees in my orchard for its form and beauty. The fruit tastes like strawberry jam with almost too much sugar. Only one out of three ripens like this. The rest, whether it’s just luck of the draw or pollination, fall from the tree. Because of this, I think, someone on a fig posting said it must be a caprifig. They clearly didn’t get the fruits I got or were in the wrong climate. The woman who gave this to me also gave me an Igo and, like Eve’s, it is slow to ripen and less reliable than, say, a mission or Kadota. (Lots of fruits fall from the tree without ripening.). But for the half to one-third that ripen, the Igo is chocolatey and rich like none other. Guess I lucked out with that collector.