What fruits did you eat today?


Thanks for the info! Looks tasty.


Autumn Bliss raspberries from my first year plant. Ive gotten a surprising amount of berries already. The kids like to hit the bush up each evening and squabble over the handful of berries available.

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my autumn britiens are producing now also. my favorite raspberry for flavor!


Had a windfall Karmijn and Kidd’s OR.
KDS was very tart and heavily watercored. Tart and spoiled flavor overwhelmed anything else. On probation.
KOR was hail damaged but had a nice balance already. That will be a good apple.


Ate one of my Jonafree apples. They are falling off the tree still in their bags but seem ripe and tasty. I also had a banana, a nectarine, and a slice of my only Red Sensation pear. The pear fell off the tree about a month ago and only grew to be about two inches long but was edible.


Anne and Autumn Bliss raspberries along with a lone Prime Ark Freedom blackberry. The rasps were great but I’d take that blackberry over any raspberry I’ve ever eaten any day. So sweet and flavorful. I need to get more of those planted.


Congrats, those berries look tasty. So jealous that you’ve already got rasps off yer new plants. Only two of mine have made it, the other 4 from Indiana Berry didn’t seem to sprout. The two that did sprout are both less than a foot tall, argh.

That PrimeArk sounds like one we might have to try next year.



Nice looking apple. It’s a good one!


picked last two superior plums that were left on the tree, very ripe and soft, honey sweet, great aroma, skin is not tart


Had a hail damaged Spigold today. 4 weeks early, a little tart but a good eat.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of venturing to the top of my development and meeting my neighbor. I wish I had my phone with me to get some pictures. His property is incredible. The landscaping is so thoughtfully done with so many interesting things to look at. He told me he’s basically tried to create an arboretum with dozens of interesting trees and flora. Of course I was most interested in his fruiting trees and we toured his property talking and sampling all that he had that was ripe. We sampled one of his 4 paw paw varieties. All of which are unknown to him as he is getting up there in age and had lost the tags. It was fairly small but had a nice flavor. We picked some Ginger Gold apples and an unknown Asian pear that was delicious. They must’ve been hanging on the tree for a while as they were yellow and very sweet. Much better than the Shinseiki that I ate off my tree a few weeks back. I’m guessing maybe Hosui but I’m not sure. They were smaller than my asian pears. He also got his first crop from a native persimmon tree. All of them were still green with the exception of a single orange fruit. It was still way under ripe based on my previous experience with them. I warned him to let it hang and despite my warning he bit into it. The look on his face was priceless. Needless to say he spent the next few minutes spitting and trying to get the remaining persimmon out of his mouth. I left with a bag of Ginger gold apples and some cukes and tomatoes from his garden. Next time I’ll try to get pics.


The Fantasia Nectarines are starting to soften and are tangy sweet right now.One measured about 18 brix…These are probably @Drew51 kinds of fruit.
By the way Drew,when do your Indian Free ripen?Brady.


Those do not look like Superior Plum.

Superior is heart-shaped with yellow/pink skin and yellow interior.

You perhaps have a different cultivar. Whatever it is… they are GOOD looking plums!


Scenic View Orchards of Sabillasville is now selling Fantasia nectarines. I purchased some so I can get my first taste of this variety. They have not softened yet.

The gentleman farmer told me they are his favorite nectarine of the whole year.

I planted a tree of Fantasia this past spring based on Scott Smith’s recommend they do well in neighboring Balto.’


It is yellow flesh, heart shape, was yellow then turned pink skinned before it is fully ripe


A berry nutty harvest today.


Beautiful!!I grow the white alpine strawberry too。mine has pinapple aroma


Picked some Italian prunes from a neighbor with too many trees and made first batch of plum jam today. Lots waiting to ripen.

Finished picking Rambour Franc apples two days ago. 12 Brix is usual this season - its first. Good flavor, nice balance of tartness; lovely apple.


Ouachita blackberries and Mara des Bois strawberries in buttermilk pancakes. :pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::pancakes::strawberry::strawberry:


Usually the first week of October, I suspect maybe a week earlier this year. Everything is a little ahead. That nect looks good! The Nectaplum was awesome this year. The last two years it was very bland, but not this year. I need to add more cultivars as nectarines are awesome
Spice Zee nectaplum