What fruits did you eat today?


My first Red Baron peach this year. Larger than normal, since I only have 4 decent sized ones. Wonderful! But rather calm and smooth compared to the over-the-top sweet intense flavor of the Red Gold nectarines we’ve been having lately.


With all the heat, I’ve been making fruit smoothies every day and sometimes twice a day using my Ninja blender. Using lots of chilled watermelon, frozen blueberries, ripe Mexican mangos, over ripe bananas, frozen grapes, canned pineapples, fruit juice, club soda and ice. I’ll be adding fresh mulberry and blackberries to the mix later today.



My daughter last Christmas bought us a Ninja Smoothie maker. I thought it was over the top since we had a good blender. I was wrong, you can use the container as your glass, and it blows our blender away as far as power. The thing would fly threw the air if not for the suction cups on it. Wow!
I have such a large harvest we have been using it daily too. I have absolutely no room in my freezer and harvest is far from over.
I made some raspberry syrup yesterday to make raspberry Popsicle’s, Yum! Looking for ways to use the fruit. I also made peach flavored Popsicle’s too.


Best store bought mango in NY. I’ve had great mangos but never in NY until now. Flesh is darker orange than I’ve seen before. They are very sweet with dripping juice. Slightly acidic in spots. Shipped from Mexico and I’m guessing they are Kent.


I had another just drop today and suspended in the bird net. It was much more yellow than the one yesterday. It seems it just depends on how much sun it gets. I forgot to weigh the one last night, but I’m guessing it was slightly bigger, and unsurprisingly, they’re both bigger than any of the Red Gold necs I have.


I picked a grocery bag full of Sweet 16 off my dad’s tree yesterday.

They have a definite anise flavor this year. Anise and some cherry candy. This is the first year this tree is producing a significant crop. My wife won’t be eating many of these but my son (3) likes them.


This apple-pineapple sauce just cooked overnight. Adding pineapple works out great when you don’t have that many apples. It tastes just like yummy applesauce.


great idea! i love both!


I had a King Kong pluot and a Black Kat pluot. They both look the same although the KK is larger. The KK has slightly bitter skin and a boring flavor. It’s completely forgettable. The BK is pretty good, but not great. No bitterness in the skin. and a good basic pluot flavor with very firm flesh.


My biggest Jonafree apple and New Century Asian Pear, along with some raspberries.


Lots of PF 24C. Gave them away to friends and neighbors and still have more to eat.


Ate some of our “standard” fruits recently.

Apples are ok!

Pears are great. Juicy and sweet.

Grapes are also good. The small ones are like sugar bombs.




Very nice!!


Moon Drops grapes.


I ate my 2 rubinette apples on my 2nd year in the ground tree. All I can say is wow. If your not growing it, you should consider it. I would expect the tree to produce better fruit over the next few years, as it’s so young and on m111. But it was already the best apple I’ve ever tasted.


Got a box of Flavor Kings from Frog Hollow yesterday. Have eaten several so far. Only one had that characteristic “spiciness” so far but all were at least good. They seem denser and meatier than other plums I’ve had.


Do you have a pic of the nice looking tree with its leaves? :slight_smile:


I ate some excellent Niwat Black Raspberries. A lot bigger and better tasting than the wild black caps I usually eat.


I love the apple tree. Do you know what rootstock it is on and how old it is?