What fruits did you eat today?


Trentberries.I bought a plant from Edible Landscaping about three years ago.Very good this time.They turn from an orange color to blue/black when ripe,with the skin being very shiny,different than most Blueberries.
They are sweet with a little tang,that reminds me of the Red Huckleberry that grows wild around here.I don’t know much about their background. Brady


I ate my first harrow sweet from my tree today. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was slightly soft ripe on the tree, very sweet good taste. This is a picture of another I picked at the same time. I used to think only magnus was worth having, but this a very good pear, no quite magnus but well worth growing


Hey there!

We own this property since 1999.

The previous owner died shortly after my parents bought it.

So we lost most of the rootstock and variety information.

I didnt see a graft line on this tree, but maybe it was planted below soil level … i dont know :frowning:

The tree is atleast 25 years old.


I had my first ever jujube today, one of the two on a young honey jar tree. It was good , quite sweet, I liked it alot. I picked it after it had turned completely brown, and had been for a couple days, how do you tell the optimum time for picking them. Hopefully my trees will become productive over the next few years. I think I will like the no maintenance aspect of these trees.


Ate my first Lamb Abbey Pearmain that fell off a 3rd leaf B9. I had my mouth set for a very tart mixed with a little sweet as I has I had visually gauged it as under ripe. It was a medium sized pale lime-green background with scattered red stripes with a lobed base. Seeds were brown. A child of Newtown Pippin x Pitmaston Pineapple. I was surprised (pleasantly) to bit into a crisp, juicy fruit with a mild sweet flavor remenicient of a melon. I am wondering if it was a fluke or mislabeled. I enjoyed it and look forward to eating the rest!


Two new ones for me from Bob Purvis wood.Bill’s Nectar Peachcot and a Chinese Honey Peach.
The Peachcot was mildly sweet and a little tart in the skin and near the pit.
From reading about the Honey Peach,in Bob’s literature,to not let the fruit ripen on the tree,or this will cause stringiness and let ripen in a refrigerator for about a week,I did this after seeing it hanging in the protective organza bag on the tree,detached from the branch.
I was expecting more sweet from the Peach,brix about 14,but this is the first fruit and both need more evaluating in the coming years. Brady
Bill’s Nectar Peachcot

Chinese Honey Peach


Caroline raspberries. I think it’s my favorite raspberry so far out of Anne, Autumn Bliss, and Double Gold. My largest berry as well.


That sounds similar to my Lamb Abbey Pearmain, I got my first fruit on my tree this year … in its 15th leaf, ouch! It is in the shade. I am probably going to chop down this whole stand over the winter since its not worth the effort to maintain. Things I didn’t know 15 years ago…

LAP is a very nice little apple but I don’t plan on grafting it to a new spot after I chop it down. In my mind it is similar to Smokehouse in taste.


Blackberries, strawberries, yellow and red rasps!


Yongi asian pear 17 brix, King of the North grapes 21 brix. My other King of the North vine finished fruiting 2 or 3 weeks ago. This vine is a second year vine and set fruit very late.


Patience is not one of my virtues while waiting on a new to me fruit ripening. This is my first Liberty apple from 2016 grafts. Liberty is a really good tasting apple. Thanks @marknmt



Sweet to see, Bill. I hope they are as tasty to you as they are to me! I’m really thrilled that they are coming through for you.

Those are beautiful examples you have there. The variety is difficult to manage- it oversets fruit and pokes limbs out every which way, and codling moth like ‘em even more than I do. But for me it sneers at blight and rusts and just keeps on keepin’ on. And I think they’re a great eating apple.

Some years will be better than others, and I don’t know how well it will deal with Alabama heat and humidity, but we’ll find out.


Honey Crisp. A few started to fall. Seeds are brown so they are ripe. Don’t have many this year because I try to prevent bienialing next year.

Low brix 12, not as crisp or sweet as I remember. Gotta blame it on frequent summer rain.


Some jujubes and some yellow Barhi dates


I was pleasantly surprised at how good the Liberty apple taste especially being a disease resistant variety. We had a winter with less than normal chill hours so I’m hoping that most years the liberty will set a good crop. I only had one Liberty apple and I was just guessing at the ripening date.


They’re uneven ripeners, too, so it’s alway a little iffy.

Glad you liked it.


Two new to me apples:
Orleans Reinette. Wow, good apple! Very pretty, gold and red with a russet. Sweet, dense flesh, proper balance of tart. I’ll keep it and graft more.
Airlie’s Red Flesh: Another very nicely balanced apple, a little more acid than OR. Very crunchy. Exterior is school apple yellow with slight russet near the stem. A pink interior blush, Airlie’s pink flesh here!


got to taste a few of my ohio treasure black raspberries. 1st time I’ve ever tasted any black raspberry as they usually don’t grow up here. found it very good a taste all its own. its a overbearing so ill have another crop early summer on these canes as well as a late summer crop on next springs canes. been eating freezing autumn briton. polka and jaclyn raspberries . with our warmer than usual late season weather they’re producing lots of berries this season. would have got a even better crop if i didn’t double fertilize by accident last spring. love raspberries!


That’s how they sell them in the stores here. I think they are supposed to be better if they ripen in cooler weather. For me, around 15 brix is a minimum to enjoy them.


I really think our wet summer had a lot to do with peaches and apples ballooning, getting larger size than they usually do. I tried another HC today. Juicy, a bit tart, low sugar, brix at about. 10.