What unusual vegetables should I grow that I've never heard of?


Is that Peperomia pellucida? It is basically unheard of where I live.


Weird weather, and the roselle is producing buds as of today. Not sure that’s normal for September, but it will “fruit” in Zone 7!


I’m in zone 7. I set roselle out every year in May as ~-6-12" tall transplants. I typically have some roselle by late August, and lots all through September. Some years it continues through October, but other years it pretty much quits growing with the colder fall weather even before there’s any kind of frost. If I save the first pods that form, I have no trouble maturing seed. In fact, I’ve even harvested the first few pods of mature seed already this year, although it seems early.


Anybody growing creasy greens? Id like to trial some in my garden but never tasted them before. I think now is planting time correct?


Creasy greens grow wild here. It seems like a lot of years February is when they’re ready to harvest.