What's happening today - 2018 edition


That’s one prolific pepper plant!


Yes the dark green one is. All the light green ones(Hungarian hot wax) are from 4 plants.
I switched to chicken manure this year. Together with worm casting chicken manure is doing wonders.


Rio Oso Gem peach and oharabeni (sp?) Asian pear/pear hybrid. Gem was 14 brix and a good peach, though they keep falling off the tree before perfectly ripe, so I am hopeful I get to taste one at 100%. The asian pear is a little different, flavor like a pear, but asian pear texture, its not bad, but not as good as the best asian pears


My large Elberta’s are falling off of the tree early too, half is ripe the other half is green. When I take them in they turn brown. Should they go into the fridge?


Your fruit always looks delectable Phil!


Nothing you can do if they are still green. Sometimes the tree stops dropping once the load has been heavily reduced.


We finally had rain here for the past two days which included wind. Wind was a big factor I discovered, but before that the large peaches were dropping. Ugh. Can’t win. I will go back out tomorrow with a rake and knock the good peaches out of the tree. Thanks though for your comments.


Besieged by BMSBs! On the screens, on the windows, on the doors. It’s like a Hitchcock movie - The Bugs


My muscadine harvest is over…:cry:. I made the last jelly on juice that wasn’t frozen. This is Triumph muscadine and jelly from it. My grapes were not very big this year…too much drought but they were very sweet! This jelly is the best tasting I’ve made all year. Love the Triumph muscadine.



I saw some YouTube videos by several folks on how to control them. Have you tried anything that works?


I throw them into the toilet - they can tread water - for a while


What variety is that dark green pepper?


I think it’s Long slim cayenne.


Year is winding down. All the trees have been picked except for the runt Fuji and its 11 fruits, which will wait another month.

Pulled the cucumber vines, which went in a week from dumping a dozen cukes a day on me to death warmed over.


My year has officially wound out! At least a month early! Christmas is a comin’




That’s so wrong!


we are about 2 weeks from that here. had our first frost last week but strawberries and raspberries are still producing well.


What is that white stuff on the ground? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re still in the mid-80s, better than July, but still too hot. Waiting for it to cool off!


94 in East Texas today…