What's happening today - 2018 edition


Spent yesterday, today and tonight making jam will take pics!


got more BC jam to make . have 6qts frozen. been freezing raspberries. ripening so fast im having a hard time picking them. love it!


I picked this peach. Elberta is the label I have on it. Great flavor Very sweet not much size. Later peach than any others I have.


Looks like an Elberta, but it is small . This is the time of year they ripen. My last peach fell two days ago. But my Elberta’s are quite large. I have had years when they are the size of yours, but not often.


That white stuff is to remind me that Mother Nature is Boss or just Bossy. While I lament the cold the snow has devastated some of the crops. So I won’t complain too much.


My Passiflora edulis vine has been giving me a slow but steady stream of passion fruit. A bunch are still on the vine, but it has been flowering like mad over the last few days! Yesterday I hand-pollinated 10 flowers and today another 6 or 7. In the photo you can see the new flowers and some closed ones behind them. My local pollinators are very hit or miss with this plant, so I tend to help out as much as I can. On the oldest flowers I can already feel the fruit forming. Hoping to get a lot for this Fall!


And this is actually from last weekend, but my VdB fig has been producing slowly but steadily. The figs are very sweet with a berry/jammy flavor. Very yummy! Next to them is an Italian Honey fig that I bought from our local farmer’s market, about $3 for 6-7 figs. They are sweet, but not a whole lot of flavor. Still very good. Next week I’m going to try and get there earlier to get a better choice of figs. And at the top a couple of passion fruit. Mine tend to drop before they color up completely. I had one yesterday after it darkened and wrinkled up nicely. Very tart, but with that great tropical citrusy flavor.


I thinned too, like fruitnut thins. Oh well they are delicious so I’ll just eat two instead of one.


I posted photos of this mislabeled apple before, wondering if it is Twenty Ounce. The Temperate Orchard Society folks agreed to look over samples, so I sent a small branch, a couple clean fruits and a note on all the parameters I could muster to help 'em ID it.
You should know it has yellow leaves on the ends of branches late each season, despite wood ash, dolomite and egg shells cast within the drip line. Bitter Pit looks to be developing soon after picking. The apples are large to huge, very crunchy and have a pleasing balance to sweet/tartness when picked. Baked, its taste is light, while the flesh remains crunchy.

You probably see through my blind spot by now.

If I regularly bought this variety, it would be obvious to me, but I haven’t bought one in years, nor had I eaten any until last year from this tree. I deplore its high market cost and thin flavor in storage.

The response from TOC and your educated guess? Honeycrisp.

Anyone try a side graft onto root stock when there are only two inches of stock showing above ground? I think Glockenapfel worth a shot in Geneva11 next season!


Noticed in the orchard today the bare Enterprise and Pristine apple trees are pushing spring green leaves. The poor things, they have no idea what season it is!


Bad day for me. Went out for a leisurely Sunday ride on my motorcycle and an SUV pulled out in front of me and caused me to crash. Lots of road rash and a sprained wrist but luckily no head or back injuries. I’ll be sore as heck tomorrow though. Right now body feels like it’s on fire.


Oh no, Dave, sounds nasty. Thankfully you weren’t hurt worse. Did you go get checked out?

Bad thing about riding motorcycles, folks don’t pay attention to them on the roads like they should. What did the driver of the SUV have to say?


Yes, the EMS, police, and fire department all showed up. It was a sh!t show. The EMS treated my rashes and wrapped me up. I did not get transported to the hospital. But if I feel worse tomorrow I might go. The other person didn’t get cited since we did not make contact. Even though they admitted to the police that they caused me to wreck.


Wish you a speedy recovery Dave…


Oh my Dave. Keep us posted on your recovery. Glad you weren’t seriously injured, and hopefully you will completely recover.


Right now you’re alive! Thank God!


I haven’t ridden in a few years but have been the unwilling recipient of more than one NUT pulling in front of me on my Motorcycle. Invariably every single one of them was stunned they hit me. I DID"NT SEE YOU!! happened many times and if not for my watching them most likely it would have been many more. Actually had a guy once do a U-Turn right smack in front of me. I was a much younger man then and i chased him down after cleaning out my pants. He had absolutely NO IDEA he had just almost killed a guy and never even saw me after I skidded 200 yards down the road…Be Safe out there! It’s especially crazy wit the texters now…


Sorry to hear that Dave. I hope you feel better soon.


Sorry to hear about the accident. Wish you speedy recovery.


I have instructions for making a headlight modulator.Just need to get doing it. Brady