Which trees will you plant in 2019?


Sunshine Blue and possibly Chippewa? In your red planter tub?


Mine are just Highbush that I know of. That’s a stock picture from the website


Planting one tree this year, a kind of a gift for a friend. I’m getting a Fameuse (Snow) apple on standard rootstock since it has to be hardy- but there’s a slight chance the nursery will try to talk me out of it, and I have gotten good advice from them in the past.



You lucky guy Mark! It’s a beauty!


Planted three more plums from the arboreum. Formosa, padre and Washington gage. Was going to transplant last years row of plums 6 of them but just don’t have anywhere else. With the new neighbors wood fence they will have to get over 6 foot to get sun now. Hope they don’t put shrubs in to.


Have you already received the trees from the Arboreum?


@Stan yes I did. Got them on Thursday planted yesterday. I’m in zone 8 Willamette valley.


It happened again… I ordered 10 blue berry and 6 Elderberry from Norse Farms.


I am adding Red Dragon contorted hazel (to replace a green one)
Snow Dragon contorted poncirus from Mr. Maple (this one came in and is larger than I would have thought for the price. mrmaple.com is a good source for ornamentals at least in my limited experience)
Maybe Game of Thrones ending is having an effect on my plant lists for this year…lol
Jonker von Tets (sp?) red currant

Besides that I am grafting 4-5 apples, a couple plums.
I’m rooting a half-dozen figs, though I probably should be reducing the number of figs I have rather than increasing them…



According to my wife, she only bought “a few” blueberries and gooseberries from Nourse this year.


I didn’t want to create a new thread for this, so decided to put it here. Yesterday, some time between noon and night eastern time, The Arboreum published their tree availability for 2020. I logged in at 10 pm and already a few varieties of cots and Euro plums were sold out… Now, eleven cot varieties (out of twenty) and three Euro plums are sold out!! Wow!

I didn’t check other fruit types as I had no interest in them for next year.

Update: I got curious, so went back to their website and found out all pomegranates, all figs and all pacific plums sold out… Either they grow very limited quantities or people are waiting in lines…


Funny thing is I’ve checked every day for last week and a half. Checked yesterday nothin now some are already sold out. Unless they get a fig that I’d like to try I’d get maybe a Jefferson but I’d be leery as others say it’s a shy producer. Even the plums are almost exactly the same as last year. I’ve got one space left for a plum and I wouldn’t mind a fig tree since shipping is the same anyways.


Not surprise Coe’s is sold out. It is such a delicious, aromatic and large Euro plum.


It looks like they don’t clean up there web site from the prior year - I bought Oriole, White Hale and Greensboro peach trees from them last year. None were quick sellers - this year Oriole and White Hale were sold out within hours? Not likely they sold out that quick. Sloppy or they are trying to create demand. For me there selection is poor this year - no pears, peach selection blah.


On another note, England’s Nursery has posted their fall catalogue. Mr England has more varieties in smaller quantities not listed that he will provide you if asked. I ordered a couple persimmons (Kasandra, Chinebuli) and pawpaw (250-39, 275-48, 275-56).


I placed my order on Friday with them around 8-9pm, they left a number of varieties on the pages that said sold out that they didn’t even propagate - not sure why they didn’t take them down. They also only seem to offer one or maybe two of a kind, so they sell out fast.


I can’t keep up with what I already have, so just plan to graft, if even that, unless I need something replaced to get pollination. Famous last words.


Have numerous containers of grafted apples, and several other fruits…trying to decide which to plant this season. Then…the year and a half of rain stopped, and we’ve had mild drought that’s getting worse now. So, looks like postponement of fall plantings.

Some red fleshed apples, plus, perhaps July Stripe, Tolman Sweet or Golden Sweet. Rescue pear.


I would like to find a type of red skinned apple that the flesh has some red streaking in it. Not a full red fleshed apple though. My old neighbor had one but he could not remember what type it was. It had a very good sweet taste to it. He passed away and the new owner cut down all the all apple trees one week when I was away. I should have gotten a graft of it then back in the day. If anyone has some suggestions of what type of apple to try out please let me know.


Strawberry Parfait (NJ46) is one good candidate. Arkansas Black can also exhibit some streaking, as can Williams’ Pride. (Note that Arkansas Black is triploid, so you’ll need a normal diploid apple nearby to pollinize it.) Of these, Strawberry Parfait is the sweetest, and Ark Black is the best keeper.