Which trees will you plant in 2019?


I had an Arkansas Black at my other house years ago. It ripened so late we would get frost/freeze before they were really ripe enough to pick. The Strawberry Parfait may be a good choice as it ripens earlier.


Rome Beauty, and on rare occasions, Jonathan, will have red streaking.
I’ve heard of others. Can’t remember. I have a small (very small) Williams Pride tree, but no fruit for a couple more years. Same with Red Devil…which I understand is streaked and not solid red.


The Rome Beauties I had years ago did have some red streaking, at times. I had forgotten about that one. TY.


This may be a good resource for red fleshed apples .
Can’t personally recommend ( but I , guess I just did)
Hope to visit them soon, as they are close.
Lots of red flesh apples.!


TY for the information. This place is actually pretty close to me.


So that means ,we are close as well …
So we will also visit ?
Sometime ?


That is indeed a fine apple resource for both red-fleshed varieties and many others, operated by @derekamills. He’s supplied me with a lot of excellent hard-to-find scionwood over the last few years.


Some of mine came from there…if he can fill more than 50% of what I order, I’ll brag on him next time. :slight_smile:


hmmm, that is an odd statement! I tell people up front I grow my trees for fruit production, not to sell scions, and only take limited amounts from my trees. And the earlier someone requests something and pays for it or swaps for it the more likely they are to have their order filled.

I do the best I can as a one man show with 1,400 varieties of apples and thousands of apple trees not to mention pears, grapes, peaches, cherries and other assorted odd fruit.

And I try to make sure as many people as possible get rare and unusual varieties by limiting them to two cuttings of each variety. That way if I am only wanting to take 20 cuttings from a certain rare or unusual variety then it gets sent out to 10 to 20 people.


"A " person can only do so much !

You have a VERRY ! Impressive sounding collection .
Good job !

Like I said , hope to meet you and visit sometime.


thanks and come visit. Our UPic this week is on Saturday from 11 until 4.


Out of my 1,400 varieties of apples just over 200 are red fleshed. How old was the orchard where these trees grew? Knowing the approximate age of the trees can eliminate quite a few varieties. If it is an old tree in an old orchard, depending on the season, I would guess Winesap. I have a half dozen or so different Winesaps and Original Winesap apples will display that attribute sometimes.


Do you remember when the apple rippens? Discovery is ripe mid August here and often has a little red flesh near the peel.


These apples ripened close to September and the orchard was older. It had been there for about 12-15 years before I moved there.


My guesstimate is that it is one of the Winesap strains. Odds are it is not going to be something obscure like Strawberry Parfait (not a great tasting apple here in SE Ohio) or Discovery (a great one) but something more easily obtained like Winesap.