Which trees will you plant in 2019?


This spring I plan to get my 90c persimmon rootstock seedlings in the ground for expanding my hybrid trees and adding experimental Kaki and Virginia scion, transplant my pawpaw rootstock and grape cuttings and maypop and fig and orange and rose and apple and cherry from my seed bed, further cultivate my year old trees and improve on deer protections!
Honey Jar Jujube, Jin Chang, a second Che type, Yates Persimmon, and a few other things are on spring order! Fig cuttings are growing, HC, RDB, Sunfire, Smith. And R8 pomegranite.
But mostly i need to cultivate what i already have and push my rootstock forward for future grafting and swaps! I may try and propagate more cuttings of grapes, figs and a big white mulberry i have in my vegi patch!
Btw, cooked white mulberry pie filling tastes significantly similar to fig jam!!!


I always look forward to seeing what every one here is planting because lots of them i’ve either never heard of or will not physically see because I can’t grow it here. :slight_smile:


I’m in 7a and I feel this way any time someone posts anything about tropical / sub-tropical fruit like citrus, mangoes, pomegranates, longan fruit, etc…


This year I will be starting over at my new property so I ordered some things from my conservation district as well as a few online retailers. Here is my 2019 list:

Apples: zestar, mn1734, frostbite, sweet sixteen, Connell red, chestnut crab
Plums: superior, toka, mt Royal, Ptitsin 9, Percy’s plum, golden Gage
Raspberries: Anne, jacklyn, autumn Britten,
Pears: Hudar, luscious
Cherries: Evans Bali

I will also be transplanting some varieties from my current place including:
Plum: waneta, black ice, prairie red
Gooseberries: Poorman, Invicta, Hinomaki red, black velvet, Jahn’s prairie
Raspberries: nova, heritage
Apricot: Westcot
Bush cherries: carmine jewel, Romeo, Juliet, Crimson passion, Nanking
Honeyberries: Aurora, indigo gem, Borealis


Good luck on the transplants


Peach trees planned for 2019 (I already have these varieties which are proven here - just adding more):

Carolina Gold
PF 9a-007
Baby Crawford
Early Redhaven (just a couple more)
July Prince
PF 35-007


I don’t know if I mentioned, but last summer (2018) Clayton produced a decent crop after all. It may yet be a good producer (don’t have enough experience with this one yet - only 3 trees). One problem very problematic for me last summer on this one was that the fruit wanted to drop badly. The amount of drops was very frustrating. Very good flavor though.


I’m planning on planting these in Kansas after recommendations from many of you all. Thanks for the help!
Improved kieffer
Duchuesse D’Angouleme
Clara frijs

All star
PF 19-007
Red haven

Honey jar


Looking to be the busiest year for planting I’ll ever have. Got the acerage I always wanted and want to get as much going as I possibly can the first year so time to cut loose.
Apples: zestar, honeycrisp, golden russet, chestnut, suncrisp, and wickson.
Pawpaw seedlings from grimo.
Ultra northern pecan: campbell, lucas.
Hickory: porter, grainger
Juneberry: autumn brilliance and smokey
Transplanting six bush cherries, toka and superior plum, contender peach, kablueyy, blue crop, northland and chippewa blueberry, hinnomaki gooseberry, contender peach and Aurora, borealis, indigo gem honeyberry. Also going to plant 120 pines and red cedars. Most of my choices came from studying old posts on this site.


We decided we are going to remove a huge 18 year old Sycamore in our front yard, which will make room for some peaches. I have ordered an Indian free, Saturn, Redhaven and a Silver Logan. I figured I could squeeze a few more apples in the back, so I’m getting a Macoun, a Newtown Pippin and a Kerry Irish. I would love one more cherry, but my husband is of the opinion that some of our yard should be grass.


Good luck! Removing big trees is a chore!!


Thanks, this one is going to be a beast! I’m sad, we planted it as newlyweds the year we moved into the house. It provides an enormous amount of shade for our west facing house, but it lost a huge upright limb that narrowly missed taking out a neighbor’s fence and I worry about the root system affecting our sewer lines. We’ve been taking a large branch down a weekend when there has been good weather to take some bites out of it.


For Spring 2017 I am planting:

New peach variety:

China Pearl
White Hale

Warren Pear
Ayers Pear


This is the list of what I am hoping to plant this year, I have confirmation on some of these but not all

American Limbertwig
Meyers Green Limbertwig
Royal Limbertwig
Yellow Limbertwig
Smokey Mountain Limbertwig
Slemp Limbertwig
Slatton’s Limbertwig (Slayton’s)
Mountain Limbertwig
Little Limbertwig
Watt’s Limbertwig
Ashford Limbertwig
Fall Limbertwig
Green Limbertwig
Hanging Dog Limbertwig
Hillside Limbertwig
Levering Limbertwig
Nanthailia Limbertwig
Rusty Coat Limbertwig
Seedling Limbertwig
Summer Yellow Limbertwig
Weaver’s Red Limbertwig
White Limbertwig
Alberta Limbertwig
Rose Limbertwig
Ruby Limbertwig
Rockey River Limbertwig
Ramsey Limbertwig
Swiss Limbertwig
Red Royal Limbertwig
Arkansas Black

Still having trouble locating a few Limbertwigs but I will keep searching until I get them.


I plan to finnish my orchard this year, so i will plant a lot of trees this year, citrus, temperate and tropical fruit trees… :grin:


Great Limbertwig list. I hope you find them all and get them all to take. Keep the Limbertwig varieties going.


Hoping to have the orchard site cleared this spring and be able to begin planting out what’s in the nursery bed which includes the following:

Apple on M.111

Ashmead’s Kernel 1
Arkansas Black 1
Black Twig 1
Enterprise 1
Golden Delicious 1
Harrison 2
Hewe’s Virginia Crab 1
Mott’s Pink 1
39th Parrallel 1

Apple on P.18

Baldwin 3 Budded
Calville Blanc D’hiver 3 Budded
Campfield 2
Empire 3 (1 budded)
Grimes Golden 5
Harry Masters Jersey 5
Herefordshire Redstreak 6
Winter Banana 3 Budded
Jersey Sweet 2
Kingston Black 1
LeBret 4
Golden Winesap 3 Budded
Macoun 1
Maiden Blush 3 Budded
Manitoba Spy 1
November Peach 1
Redfield 3
Stayman 3 Budded
Smokehouse 3 Budded
Somerset Redstreak 3
St Edmunds Pippin (Russet) 6
Tompkins County King 2
Yarlington Mill 4
York Imperial 4

Apple on B.118

Airlie Redflesh 1
Almata 3
Black Oxford 1
Blue Pearmain 5
Brown’s 6
Cortland 5
Crimson Gold 1
Ellis Bitter 5
Foxwhelp 4
Golden Russet 6 (4 Budded)
Haralson 3 Budded
Hyslop Crab 4 Budded
Enterprise 3 Budded
McIntosh 4
Medaille D’Or 5
Queen Cox 3
Red Astrachan 6
Roxbury Russet 2
Wagener 10
Westfield Seek No Further 4 Budded
Winekist 1
Yellow Bellflower 3
Zabergau 1

Centennial Crab 1
Chestnut Crab 2
Dolgo Crab 1
Red Vein Crab 2
Whitney Crab 4
Wickson Crab 4

Apple on MM.106

Bramley’s Seedling 8
Carrie’s Mystery 3
Chisel Jersey 3
Connell Red 3
Holstein 1
Jonagold 7
Karmin de Sonnaville 2
Newtown Pippin 8
Porter’s Perfection 6

Court Pendu Plat 8
Pink Pearl 3
Sheepnose (Black Gilliflower) 2 Budded
Elstar 2 Budded
Kinsei 2 Budded
Nova Spy 2 Budded

Centennial Crab 2
Chestnut Crab 3
Dolgo Crab 3
Niedzwetzkyana 2
Whitney Crab 4
Wickson Crab 4

Apple on G.210

Blue Pearmain 1
Dudley (Northstar) 2
Fireside 1
Hawkeye 4
Kandil Sinap 1
Kidd’s Orange Red 3
Lubsk Queen 1
Hudson’s Golden Gem 1
Northern Spy 1
Paula Red 2
Pinova 1
Pitmaston Pineapple 1
Rome 1
Wolf River 1

Apple on G.222

Apricot 1
Belle de Boskoop 6
Breaky 2
Chenango Strawberry 3 Budded
Cherry Cox 3
Cinnamon Spice 2
Fuji Rising Sun 1
Gala 2
Gravenstein 1
Hooples Antique Gold 2
Jefferies 3
Keepsake 2
Lodi 1
Nova Easygro 2
Orleans Reinette 9
Ozark Gold 3
Rambo Red Summer 6
Schoharie Spy 6
Spartan 2
Carrie’s Mystery 5

Pear on Quince

Luscious 1
Moonglow 1
Patten 1
Spartlett 1
Summer Blood 1
Nijiseiki / 20th Century 1
Winter Nellis 1

Pear on OHxF97

German A 1
Japanese Golden Russet 1
Moonglow 1
Patten 1
Spartlett 1
Summer Crisp 1
Summer Blood 1
Nijiseiki / 20th Century 1

Pear on OHxF87

German A 1
Japanese Golden Russet 1
Moonglow 1
Patten 1
Spartlett 1
Summer Blood 1
Summer Crisp 1

Pear on OHxF333

Ayers 7
Bartlett 7
Buerre Bosc 2
German A 1
Japanese Golden Russet 1
Kieffer 5
Luscious 1
Moonglow 2
Nova 3
Patten 1
Unknown Kieffer/Bartlett 1

Trees on order:
2 Arkansas Black, 2 Ashmead’s Kernel, 2 Black Twig, 2 Enterprise, 1 Harrison, 2 Hewe’s Crab, 2 Mott’s Pink, 2 39th Parralell, 3 Honey(crisp), 3 Fameuse,

Apple benchgrafts on order:
Benoni 1, Dabinett 1, Doux Normandel 1, Egermont Russet 1, Esopus Spitzenburg 1,Glockenapfel 1,Gloria Mundi 1,Idared 1, Iron Bridge 1, King David 1, Mother 1, Nehou 1, NJ 55 1, Pumpkin Russet 1, Russet King 1, Tolman Sweet 1

Scion on order:
Golden Delicious(Mullins), Golden Delicious(Spur Type), Apricot, Dudley, Northern Spy and Prairie Spy

Rootstocks or order:
25 G.210, 25 G.890, 10 MM.106, 10 M.111 and 15 P.18


So many different varieties!


Are you planning to have U-Pick sale type of orchard? That is a lot of fruit trees.



Geez, I sure hope not, I’ve done my time in retail and I don’t relish the idea of dealing with the general public on my own property. My preference would be to sell wholesale to local markets, and feel out wholesaling to homebrewers. I have a lot of work to do to get the orchard site ready. My goal is to have a minimum of 3 of any variety. When I plant out the trees I’ll plant additional rootstock for any variety that currently has less than 3 trees and those will get grafted as bud wood / scion becomes available.


How many acres for this operation?