Who's Growing Improved American Persimmons? Suggestions welcome!

Prairie Dawn, Prairie Star, Prarie Sun, Prarie Gem, Garretson, Meader, Prok, and Early Golden American Persimmons are all of interest to me. Anyone else growing these varities? Prefer true American improved varities instead of Kaki hybrids since they have a true cold tolerance to -25F.


I have a new Prok… got this pic today. Grafted to my own wild dv rootstock.

I also have WS8-10 and several hybrids… 1 asian.


I started out with Prok and Yates, which seemed to be the most ideal early season varieties I was aware of at the time I planted them- around 2007. Not long after, I learned of Mohler by way of Lee Reich. It’s exceptionally early- the earliest I know of, ripening nearly a month before Prok here. Also very flavorful, with no discernible astringency when harvested at the proper time, basically when they fall. I added it and Geneva Long, wood for which was sent to me by Jerry Lehman. Along with the wood, he sent along a list of varieties- his own and ones from Claypool- that I should be trialing here. I never got around to getting more wood from him before his passing, though all of the varieties he recommended have become much more widely known and circulated in the years that have passed. Probably this forum has played no small part in that. Szukis was the last variety I was growing initially. It’s very dwarf in habit, extremely precocious (goes along with dwarfing I guess) and very sweet. It has the reputation of making male flowers, and partly I was interested in getting seeded fruit for the purposes of improving fruit quality per suggestion of John Gordon. In early production years I was plagued by dropping fruit and lingering astringency, common problems probably exacerbated by my northern locale.

For a bunch of years I was satisfied to grow these few varieties, figuring I was perhaps zone pushing a bit and not knowing how they’d do. They’ve proven themselves hardy and worthy of growing here. At the same time, various seedlings that I’ve sown and set out have grown and become established, and so in the last couple of years I’ve topworked in a lot more varieties. Some of these may not ripen here. I’m fairly convinced they all are hardy here, though perhaps time will temper my expectations. I’m up to 25 varieties as of last year, and gearing up to graft in another 5-7 this year. Probably about the limit of what I can or should grow. All single variety per tree, mind, so there will be a lot of persimmons dropping here in years to come.

I’m quite excited about the hybrids, though o don’t have any of bearing size yet.


Prairie Dawn - Claypool H55A
Prairie Gem - Claypool F-25
Prairie Star - Claypool H-118
Prairie Sun - Claypool A-33

SInce you are looking for cold tolerant note the name of Prairie Gem (-25F/F-25).

I think you should at least be interested in Lehman’s work.
(WS8-10 and 100-46)


@hobilus … I was thinking that prok would be my early persimmon… sounds like I need a Mohler to properly fill that position.

Perhaps we can work out a trade this winter.
I am preparing several wild dv rootstocks now for grafting next spring.



Too many times in my area prople want something like kaki hybrids that get froze out. Nakitas Gift is one of many examples. We can dip to close to -25F but we have not lately. Thanks for the recommendations.


In addition to those Kris mentioned, don’t leave 100-42 and H63A out of your radar.


A hybrid, but research Journey for an early option.


My new WS8-10… graft to wild dv. Barbara’s Blush.

I have read this one is the largest American and very good. It has big beautiful leaves and is growing well for me so far. It even has some blossoms on already.

I sprayed it for psillium yesterday… those critters can sure make your leaves distorted.



Have seen aphids really change the shape of leaves it is interesting they can do that to plants.

Perhaps this one is new and interesting to some… it was found by a fellow fruit explorer in MS. Not many folks talk about it… maybe Cliff is growing it and we will know more at a later time?

Gateway Persimmon

The Hershey persimmons are becoming more and more lost to the trade… a seedling may be of interest to some… if so


Yes it was one of Lehmans personal favorites along with H91A (i have no idea what that one is), and Dollywood.

He likely tasted alot of Claypool’s 2400 varieties…so that is a really impressive narrowing down.


This spring… i grafted…

Rich Tooie

Nakittas Gift
Zima Khurma
Coroa De Ria

H63A graft failed… BUMMER. I read so many good comments on that one. Hope i get to try it again next year. The others are looking good.


Coroa de Rei… :+1:


If looking for grafted named Hershey varieties, or seedlings from Hershey trees (or other), this place has them. I know very little about this farm beyond that including quality or otherwise.



Nikitskaya Bordovaya (aka Nikitas Gift) is not a kaki hybrid, but instead Rossiyanka (D.v. Ă— D.k.) Ă— OP (D.k.).

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Yes ive seen them there and also here

However they are always sold out… at least for the past couple of years for me.



Thank you for clarification. Nikitas Gift dies around here from time to time for those who try to grow it. Winter kills it every 3 - 4 years. People do get fruit from them sometimes. There are a few warm pockets in the state suited to growing them.

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That’s known to have poor hardiness. I believe it was backcrossed to kaki, though as @Richard indicated, this was apparently not a controlled cross. Not sure where to you’re headed with your definition of hybrid though @Richard. No need to get lost in the minutiae though…Rosseyanka, the F-1 all hybrids seem to be descended from has been hardy for me- to -20F. I doubt it will ripen here, though since it’s purportedly pretty late. Some of the newer hybrids apparently have much better hardiness and some ripen quite early. Journey sounds REALLY promising. Kasandra and JT-02 to a lesser extent. All have wintered over for me after what was I’d think a bit of a test winter, what with the prolapsed warmth and sudden plummeting. It hit -18 here after weeks of weather in the 40’s


Have seen very good results here with selected American persimmons long term. Was hopeful the Kaki hybrids would get additional hardiness but up to now i have not seen it personally in zone 6a. I’m staying with American varities for now.