Wildlife in our gardens


These are all quite recent within 100 yards of my camper


Nice pics from a trail cam. I’ve seen some bad cameras, all they took were blurs. I have a ReconX, it was expensive but the photos are great.


That’s a 139 dollar Moultrie. I’ve been very impressed with it for the money.


Is that a bear?!


So far, this deer only came to eat mulberry. Don’t know what would happen when mulberry is gone.

My veggie garden and fruit trees have never been bothered by rabbits, squirrels or chipmunks. I have cats roaming in my yard​:joy::joy:

Only birds will get my peaches if I don’t net my peach trees.


Sure is. Wait till you see this next one. 5 bears together.


I swear I wasn’t lying but for some reason i can’t find the one with all 5. Here are three three adults and there is a picture with two juveniles in there too but I can’t find it! And a few others you might find interesting. I think Florida had a lot of animals people may not realize live here… So…I will stop hijacking this thread now since these guys aren’t in my Garden. Just thought they were interesting and some may enjoy seeing them. FB_IMG_1512833245216|690x388


That’s a very active location.


Indeed. Not even half of it really. I love it…


Thanks for posting all I’d seen of Florida was tourist traps but those don’t live there. Makes Kansas look tame! Lol


That bobcat looks quite different from the ones here


I have a picture of one that we debated for weeks if it was actually a Panther. We finally decided it was a Bobcat through logical deductions of height, size, possible spots etc. I was really hoping it was a panther. That would have been an extremely rare Florida picture. maybe even worth money and probably would have brought some University researchers around…


On the channel 4 news tonight they reported a coyote killed a deer on someone’s porch in the city! The struggle continued to the driveway and got blood on her car and parts of hyde in the lawn.


I have tons more. turkey, Buzzards, pig Etc…I will gladly post but didn’t want to be a Thread thief…LOL. I will post this though and see what you all think. I took this picture of a Whiperwill one night. Someone who just looked at it today says there is a Snake in the

picture. I took the darn thing and can’t decide if it is actually a snake!


Wow, 3 bears together! Which part of Florida is this? And the others are coyotes? Very impressive!
For people like me living in the suburbs, it’s exciting enough just to see a deer or fox.

By the way, for the past two weeks or so, a fox(s) comes to scream every night outside of my house, several times a night. Do anyone know why they do that? What do they want?


I’m not so sure about the fox screaming. I would suspect something to do with mating. They are usually very sneaky, quiet animals. I’m just up the road toward I-10 from Lamont https://www.mapquest.com/us/florida/lamont-fl-282031088 Very far North Florida, Georgia is only 25 miles away. I love seeing all these animals. I spend a lot of time out at night and i see them in person regularly. I really have learned to love the night. Seems everything is amplified by 10 and your senses seem to just naturally ramp up.


As I suspected…And more http://animals.mom.me/red-fox-scream-5833.html


There’s a guy in IL who claims he has evidence of wolves in the area - or some kind of canid that isn’t the usual coyote. He has lots of webcams set up.


I’m sorry i didn’t answer the entire question. Yes there is a coyote in there but Bobcat also…So it goes by picture top to bottom, Bear, bear ,bobcat, 6 raccoons all together, coyote,BIG bear, bobcat in winter, bobcat in late spring.


It is wildlife in your backyard!