Wildlife in our gardens


There’s a chipmunk inside of that log, and my dog really wanted to eat it. I was hoping he’d get it, too, because the dang thing has eaten every single one of my strawberries this year. It eventually came flying out like a bat out of hell- I’ve never seen something so small run so fast. The dog didn’t even see it, it was so fast. He thinks it’s still in there and won’t leave his post. Good dog… I guess. ha!


The last of the monarchs my kids and I raised from egglings is drying out in this pic. Good luck to her.


peanut butter on a rat trap. But keep the dog(s) inside…




Peach Thief, Caught in the act…


Oriole chicks



cool pic!!!



Oh boy was just chillin’ staring at me. :grinning:



On the porch.

Afterward, found the tail of a chicken snake the coachwhip ate (why he was up here, apparently).


It has been very dry this summer and it seems like the annual flowers suffered but the rose of Sharon hedge has continued to bloom.



These do not self propagate but if you would like to graft some next spring I have plenty of wood. Was intending to grow more of the type you have but these cost $1 each as unknown bushes for the fence row. I looked at the plants at the time and knew they were some type of rose of Sharon.


Those are pretty, I like that they are so easy to grow. I don’t know how they will respond to being trimmed so short in the long term but they are ok so far


I wonder why they don’t grow from seed? The old fashioned ones in my yard come up all around the mother tree if you don’t keep them mowed


Sterile hybrid?


Probably, I think they can be invasive in some areas


Double flower… stamens are replaced with more petals so there is no pollen, it may produce seeds if other rose of sharon were in the area.


Bees drinking at the edge of one of our fountains today, courtesy of Janet :heart:


That is an awesome shot Janet!



I don’t kill pollinators even if they are fruit eaters. These stinging type insects have not been a problem for me here but I understand they are not good either some years. Had some crackingnpears in the Drippin Honey tree that attracted them 294F2B10-DAFC-424D-97D7-1DEAAEA8AC1E