Wildlife in our gardens


White ladybug larvae


Catalpa worms , they have completely stripped the tree of its leaves. One was host to parasitic wasps


They like to clean our fruit trees .




too friendly! i have the black currant jam to go w/ the venison! need to thin some of them out!




They born there and so hungry . I did not get mad with them .



I hope it was a damrabbit


Rodent patrol … courtesy of Janet of course :heart:


Those eyes aren’t going to miss the slightest movement…!!


I’ve notice an abundance of butterflies in our yard the last couple weeks…zebras longwings, monarchs, sulfurs and today this giant swallow that was on my lemon tree…


Great photo!


Redtailed hawk - dark phase, looking back from perch on a nearby telephone pole. Janet’s photography of course!


Not quite in the garden but just around the corner. These guys almost fell on me out of a tree while I was picking Beauty Berries. The snake was wrapped around the squirrel! when they hit the ground no more than 2-3 feet away from me. I shot it before i even knew what it was…Yes it scared the Poo-Poo outta me when it happened…


I’d cherish a squirrel-hunting snake!


I do! Unfortunately my being freaked out I just kind of automatically shot it. I think it’s just an Oak snake. We have a lot of cottonmouth here though and I’m always loaded and ready just in case. Seems the squrriel had a bad day and it just morphed into a bad day for the snake…lol


These are not who you want mad at you! These are not the same as the wasps above!



Thankfully these do not do the damage of the 17 year cicada.


As I walked by one of my muscadine vines I notice six quail busy eating the drops. They only appeared to be interested in the ones that had fallen. These moved when I got a couple of yards away but they never took flight. Now I’m wondering if these were pen raised and had been released.