Wildlife in our gardens


Patio guardian.


Queen of the garden


Female Immature Cooper’s Adult Red Shouldered Hawk hunting and vocalizing at the utility pole in front of our house :slight_smile:




That was my thought!


she’s clearly an orc-eater. :skull_and_crossbones:


She’s small. While living in the Pacific Northwest I observed much larger orb weavers this time of year. They were the reason we ate a clove or two of garlic per day.



Every picture is wonderful! Love the birdie in the nest!!!


okay not wildlife but nature so I’ll post this large rainbow that appeared over the back yard last night. Only lasted ten minutes or so


Profile view of female Red-Shouldered Hawk


Come to my house!


Mrs. Redtail Hawk … silhouette at dusk :slightly_smiling_face:


Mrs. RedTail Hawk and the dove she caught this afternoon.


Big birdies!


Banana inflorescence and bee at sunrise


We’ve had Evening Grosbeaks since October. Generally we only get them in severe winters with low temps and high snow accumulation. Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.


Not a bird we have here they are beautiful!


we used to have tons of them here 30yrs ago. they were everywhere. only seen a few since. don’t know why they don’t come here anymore. there were so many that cars would run into flocks of them feeding on the roads. locals called them ‘‘suicide birds’’!


See these hawks all the time around my house. Seems I never get good picture though. Can you tell the name of this hawk based on these photos?