Wildlife in our gardens


you guys are becoming good snake stewards. :wink: Mortys got it made!


Bee on milkweed seed, by Janet


These foxes are keeping the rodents in check!


They are beautiful!!!


I can hand feed a couple of them , most come as close as eight feet.
They wait every morning patiently and in the evening.

My valuables are fenced in. These six, I called them my “Six Amigos”.
Sometimes there are 16 of them.I feed them and the birds for 3 months than they are on their own.
Our area is controlled by hunters, poachers, humans driven faster than our speed limit, 35 m/h.


you guys sure got allot of them down your way. me and my cousin went to missouri to hunt my other cousins 90 acres in lebanon. they didn’t hunt so the deer were pretty tame. after we bagged 1 of them though they smarted up pretty quick.


The local tomcat recently made a showing!


Just saw this hawk with a pigeon in its Talons. It had to stop to rest it was a big bird!


Maybe I should charge rent now!


I’m jealous!


They are gorgeous! Are they silver foxes?


love their color. we only have red fox here.


I can’t tell what kind of bee this is. It has a stripped abdomen that looks a little too pointy for a honey bee. It was skittish and flew away before I could get close enough to see it clearly without glasses.



That looks like a italian honeybee to me, love the crocuses!


Thanks. I thought it was way too early to see honey bees, but we have had a decent stretch of dry weather.


Awe, how cute, how gorgeous. I like fox. They eat lots of rodents! They might be mates and you might get some cute kits.


When its warm enough they fly out to go to the bathroom and scout for spring signs! the pollen will be excellent baby food


Well, it LOOKS like a honeybee…but I’m not certain…the eyes look big, and the wings a little wide. (And it is getting nectar rather than pollen…). (So, I think it’s a fly.)

I saw hundreds of honeybees on crocus both the Monday’s in February when it actually was above 60 and NOT RAINING! (Just two days met that criteria…and if it’s not Sunday this week, then those 2 days are it for February).


honeybee%20on%20crocus Honeybee on Crocus…with pollen. (I ‘borrowed’ the photo from the web.)