Wildlife in our gardens


Ok I have French wildlife. I have Pepé the roof climbing rat that is responsible for startIng to girdle my citrus tree. I went to the garden store and bought a sealant for the wound. There is a restaurant not far-away; that is the problem ! At least its not a squirrel !


squirrels are just a rat with a bushy tail! :wink:


I think this is the the cecropia moth. I saw one caterpillar like yours last year on an apple tree. I found 2 cocoons this spring. Then I saw this moth on my newly grafted plum tree. Resolution is not too good, but I think this is what your guy will metamorphosis into. It was huge.


Yes! That’s it!!! I have never seen one here before but evidently had some eggs that hatched. You should see caterpillars hatch. They are black when they first hatch (or so I’ve read…).


I’ve seen that moth here for years but never seen those big caterpillars. i wonder why?


I think hunting is going to have a lot of new participants this year. Everybody and their brother will be out there. Running and gunning like my brother use to say…

Squirrels are good eating…just crockpot them :slight_smile:

Toads are everywhere this year…I’ve got them hopping all over my yard, in my garage…I see them while mowing. Must have been a good crop. MY kids were putting them in their pool.


For as big and colorful as they are it’s hard to see them if you aren’t looking. These just happen to live in small apple trees that don’t have much place to hide. When I go out looking for him sometimes it takes me a while. Although now I just look for an area without leaves! :flushed::flushed:


That frog is adorable!


Looks Like this Large Beetle - Dynastes tityus


@RichardRoundTree What ever happened to Monty the snake? Last I remember you were making him an outside home and about to release him. Did you ever see him again? Not like I think a snake would come by for a visit to relive old times, but maybe you’ve seen him around the yard? Just curious-seemed like a fun project


Chapter 3 of the caterpillar story: Cocoon time


Overnight the cocoon is in place

It’s hard to see because it wrapped leaves around itself before the actual cocoon was spun. The moth is supposed to hatch in the spring, find a mate, leave eggs to hatch for the new cycle.


Pretty amazing isn’t it?!!


A pleasant surprise on one of our trail cams !


Hope they aren’t small enough to slip under the bottom hot wire!


I just got one “in” my nursery bed! Grrrr !


With the temperature reaching 96’ yesterday, Mr. Squirrel was very sluggish and tried to cool off by lounging on the branches of the huge maple tree in the rear of the garden, periodically turning around.


Have a few anoles on bug duty in the blackberry canes.


Two little birdies hatched in a nest…

Devoted mom and dad, trying desperately to lure me away from the nest, which I wouldn’t have known existed if it weren’t them trying to lure me away…