Wildlife in our gardens


That is bad news! We are blessed to have them in abundance here. They are seen often just making their webs in the tallgrass pastures, as well as our gardens and even on the porch.


Some wildlife on the laurel hedge, and sedum succulents.
I have 18 photos of just the Great Golden Digger Wasp. Hard to choose.

A lot of wasps and bees are in the laurel hedge. It looks like they may be gathering sap or resin from the new growth? I do not see flowers.
Leaf cutter bee still prefers these calendula flowers. I am guessing there is something in the pollen they like. All the bees that visit them seem to be collecting pollen.



Found this beauty and 3 babies this weekend. I’ve looked for a rattler all my life in missouri and never found one here. Was definitely a good weekend!!


Yesterday (it was too hidden to get a good pic) i saw an oriole fly into my apple tree (to eat apples–they are ripe i just haven’t picked them–some sort of mac seedling). First one i’ve seen this year. I’ve also seen a hummingbird twice. Crazy drought dry this summer…i’ve kept my bird bath full. Even the wasps i’ve seen drinking water.


This was technically on my porch, 50 feet from the garden. I’m assuming it made it there a few times.


Daily dose of “ew:”

The first is a cicada hatching out, the second is three cicadas in different stages. They really like my maple tree for some reason. There are shed skins all over the ground under it.


The youtube algorithm sent me to this video on hummingbirds.

Very entertaining.


Turtle comes almost every year.

Bird family


Aww, I wish I had a yearly turtle visitor.



This is my yearly turtle visitor…yours looks more friendly


It’s amazing how tough snapping turtles are!


picked one out of the road last spring. wasn’t happy!


Unknown nectar drinker. Looks cool.


Dragonfly breakfast


Looks like a Flower Longhorn Beetle (Xestoleptura crassipes).


Awesome shot !


Not much garden here yet but this eagle was in a tree just outside the yardimage