2020 Buds, Flowers and Fruit!



Redhaven and Harken Peach. Finally I picked some tree ripe and without bird picking. I like these a lot.


Flavor King Pluot will be ready soon 07-31-2020.


I wrote to Shane Jennings with the Alabama Pom Assoc. - and asked if he has any suggestions for ‘us’. I’ll let you know when I hear back from him. My fungal problem is getting worse and the humidity is not helping. I’m spraying with Copper and Immunox - and Captan. Nothing seeming to do the trick. Will keep you posted.


@PomGranny . Thank you very much for digging this out. I have 9 fruit 4 with fungus and 5 clear. I have not done anything except removing two more fungus damaged fruit. Other three with fungus is not spreading and I cut one open which was cleared from inside only outer skin was infected.


For some reason my peaches color up alright but are still hard like a rock. They all refuse to ripe(or turn soft).

But my wax corns look much promising for a good harvesting


What variety is your peach?.

My first ripening peach this year was Spring Snow, a white peach, picked yesterday, 8/1/20.


I don’t know. It was a seeding peach and the first year fruiting. I am waiting to find out if it tastes good enough. The friut size is medium to large.

Very nice size of Spring Snow. How is the flavor? I very likely have this cultivar but didn’t fruit (or was damaged by the cold temperature in May).


If it is a seedling, it may not soften up. Maybe it will be good for pie or jam. Maybe it just needs more time.


Well, it is NOT Spring Snow, unfortunately. It is a yellow fleshed peach!!!

So sorry, Annie. I don’t know what it is but it tasted good, a mix of acid and sweetness (more acid) with a peachy taste.


That makes sense, hope it will soften up later. It produces good size and good looking peaches. I hope it has good flavor and texure to match up to its exterior.

This year is a such odd year for my peaches. My Snow Queen which is usually the first to ripe in my yard are still hard like a rock (I picked one and ate it. It still has some green color inside ). Reliance usually ripens in later July are still hard like a rock. My July Elberta which I usually pick the peaches from secind to third week of August has not turned the color yet, not sure if it has done size up.


Taste good is what all matters




That sounds right. I read Early Star description. It fits. Thanks.


Peach looks very attractive. Did you or your neighbor play a lot of rock in backyard:)


Could be LOL :joy::


Mine are fruiting for the first time. They are still small golf ball size so I don’t expect them to be ripe for several weeks. Strange year. Trees flowered two weeks early but fruit is ripening several weeks late.


Desert Rose - Adenium 08-03-2020


Stanley plums and physalis


This peach branch was way down and I believe thinned but after looking now Aggggggg.