Concord seedless like concord should be renamed reliable!


Have not missed a grape crop in years from concord seeded or concord seedless. They both have seeds here. There is something to be said for good reliable juice and jelly grapes! They still have a while until they ripen and turn purple.

Concord seedless grape vines

Agree 100%. Last year we gave all of our to my friend to make wine. Our seedless Concord is seedless here, but last year, some did have a few seeds.
My wife and I both agree though that the old seeded variety tastes and smells a bit better.

BTW…the pear scions you sent me are growing wonderfully. I tried 1 Duchess on straight malus domestica seedling with no interstem, and so far, it’s going gangbusters.


With mine I have learned that if they have a small round scar on them they have a worm inside. last year they were pretty good. Mine are only 1/4" in dia right now.


Duchess is a good quality late pear you will be glad your growing that one. Seeded concord do have a rich full bodied flavor. Growing pears on apples is an interesting experiment!


You can set your watch by these grapes they are so consistent. There is a lot of foliage this year so it’s difficult to see the grapes. I may have to prune back leaves to ripen the grapes properly. These are grown spray free.


I think I see a rabbit hiding in there.:wink:


Also want to note Duchess d’ Angoulme pear brought up on this thread is usually pretty fair quality for such a late pear. It’s true ripening time is typically late October or early November here. It’s the only pear I grow that’s so late. The quality is definitely not be compared with seckle, warren, magness, Comice, abate fetel etc. though for a regular pear similar to bartlett it produces fruit when very little is available. That also makes it a target for every pear thief there is so watch them like a hawk!


Great crop despite the worst drought since the 1940’s.


I alwasy have great luck with my Valiant, super heavy set this year!


No rot?


My understanding is the seedless Concord has no relation to the original seeded. The name was chosen as a marketing term.


Look great!


It’s true they are not related at all besides for in dependability and taste. Seeded concord have a slightly better flavor and the seedless still have seeds in Kansas.@Thederek valiant looks really good!


I too grow Concord grapes for jelly/juice. I have a friend who grew Concord for years for juice then tried King of The North. He swears when tasted side by side that King of The North makes a better tasting juice.

Anyone try King of The North?


My Concords look more like yours. They don’t bunch up like Valiant. I usually pick mine end if September, or beginning of October, if the birds or coons haven’t gotten to them!


Yes, King of the North has very good flavor. As good or better than Concord (and I like Concord quite a bit). Thinner skins also. Much earlier than Concord. What’s the downside? --> Much smaller berries. Here’s a link with a pic:


Id be down for a vine swap if anyone is willing to send me some KotN, I have several other hardy varieties… Id like to get 5-10 dormant cuttings either this fall or next spring early.


–> I should be able to do that. You might want to get some from others as well to increase your chances of success. I haven’t had luck rooting grape cuttings yet but I’ll try again this year. What varieties do you have?


Ive got Swenson Red, Swenson White, Edelweiss, Reliance, Valiant, Marquette, La Crescent, I think Vanessa (died back a lot last year, but I think its growing again). Ive had the best luck rooting grapes with bottom heat in my cold garage. Here are some I did earlier this year.


Bucketfuls of seedless concord grapes today!