Cost report and call for donations


sent via paypal. Thanks a lot for your hard work to keep the forum growing!


Paypal sent


Hi Scott I’m going to use my sisters PayPal so I don’t have to create one lol. And im not good about checks. I will have her transfer funds in the next few days. I love the fact that I can just ask and get an answer without surfing the internet so much. Gives me more time in the garden and with my kids. That alone is worth way more than $20 to me :+1:. Thank you!

Also. If I wasn’t able to search around reading and check out the photos I’m sure I would have never joined. Just my two pennies.


PayPal sent. Thanks Scott!!


Thank you for providing such a great forum. Donation, sent.


I will send you a check early this week, Scott. Thanks for all you do.


Paypal sent.


I don’t have a paypal account, so had the wife send a bit through hers. Considering all that I have learned from this forum, probably one of the best investments I’ve made in a while.


Done. Ty Scott for hosting our group sessions :grin::grin:


This is the truth for me too.
I have learned so much, and also been able to trade scions with generous members.
The forum, and good folks that use it are a priceless resource!

Gotta keep this kind of good thing going!


Hey, Scott . . . I can’t read your address. Can you please make it BIGGER??? LOL



That’s the biggest it gets, lol. When you get older, big print = +++. I do have stylish readers for smaller print. Sexy leopard readers.


I made a small one but somehow when I uploaded it it showed up big!


$25 just sent via paypal. Thanks for this great forum

By the way, all the kids are using Venmo for this now. For some reason.


Time for another update … it looks like we have $2683 total donations in this round which includes the checks I got in the mail. Speaking of the checks, thanks for all the nice notes that were included in some checks and also in some Paypal donations. I’m not going to write a reply to each one but wanted to give a collective “thanks”!

We were $879 in the hole before this round of donations, and after these donations we are now $1804 in the black!

We should have enough for at least another year, but I am also going to look into ways to reduce the image viewing charges since it seems to be going up very fast. Also they don’t seem to be loading as reliably as they used to so its doubly bad.


Does the image viewing service have a feature to force each picture that is loaded down to some more manageable resolution? I know that I keep the camera on my phone set to the highest resolution all the time, but it is not really needed for my pictures of trees, flowers, fruit, and the occasional bug.


The forum itself has a way to resize pictures but there are many flakey aspects of that feature. I had to fix a few of the bugs myself because they were not fixing them. One of the things I will look into is how well that is working now, and if we can change the settings to save space.


I wouldn’t mind at all if all that appeared on the page was just a thumbnail of the original.


The versions shown now are supposed to be much scaled-down but it turns out they are not, they are only partly scaled-down. So if I could get them to fix this bug it would halve our downloads without any noticeable affect to users. So at first I would like to try to solve that.