Cost report and call for donations


Since you mentioned it, I thought it was kind of odd how the photo system worked here. On my screen the post images or “thumbnails” are bigger than the ones in the gallery view - or whatever its called when you click on a photo.

As @SpokanePeach mentioned, you could definitely cut down on costs by down-scaling everything to something like 1920 pixels on the longest side at upload. But yeah having small thumbnails that load instead of the full images is a good idea too. I think this would mean that you would need to generate a thumbnail image for every full size image uploaded.


For .jpg (jpeg) images, the “quality” (loss) factor can be reduced and that can reduce filesize considerably. Most image processing systems have this feature. 80% or 90% quality is very viewable on computer screens.


PayPal sent. Just saw this thread, sorry for being so late.