Flavor Gem pluot

I am trying to find out something about this pluot but information on it seems to be very vague. It looks like AC Nursery was carrying this pluot at one point since I found it in their older maturity chart (ripens around the time of Flavor Granade).
Is it unique pluot or just a different name for another common pluot like Emerald Drop/Emerald Gem?
It’s also listed on DWN but that’s all I could find there

It looks like it’s not being sold anymore and went the same way like other “obscure” pluots - Marcia’s Flavor, Flavor Candy, Purple Candy etc.

I believe flavor gem and emerald pluot are the same pluot. Both have the same patent number.

That’s incorrect. Emerald Drop and Emerald Gem have the same patent number: USPP14599P2 - Interspecific tree named ‘Emerald Gem’ - Google Patents. The name in the patent is Emerald Gem and it’s sold under this name to commercial growers. The same Pluot is sold under the name Emerald Drop to home gardeners.

Flavor Gem is a different Pluot and it has a different patent number: USPP10915P - Interspecific tree `Flavor Gem` - Google Patents.

The description also notes it matures a week after Flavor King, so yes, definitely a different variety.
Should be looking like this


What zone is everyone growing pluots in? I’m in zone 7 on the east coast and researching if Pluots are the right choice for my yard. I found a very interesting multi-graft pluot tree from rain tree nursery that I am hoping will grow great in a full sun yard but having trouble finding anyone local that has experience doing so. Thanks!

Scott our leader has found pluots difficult to grow near Baltimore. He has I believe had better luck with some plums. You should be able to find his info using the search function.

I’m in 6a, I have not fruited enough to give a clear opinion but Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Flavor Queen, Honey Punch, and Flavor Grenade work here. Flavor Queen has low production, but produces. So far only Flavor Supreme has not worked well here. I can add to this list by the end of this season as many will fruit for the first time. But I still need a couple years to really access things. Overall pluots work here just fine. Just not all of them. Dapple Dandy is the best first choice from my experience. Zone 6a/5b Michigan.

DD produces loads of large tasty fruit. It thrives here, a great choice. Some don’t like it, I think it’s great! Some plums are great too, the pluots seems to have very nice rich flavors. Out of plums so far I prefer the pluots. I have yet to taste loads of them, and some like Santa Rosa I really like. I will get to taste some others this year.

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Absolutely! Plan on searching up a storm!

Very good info. Gives me hope for success in my zone. Thanks!

Well seeing is believing!

Dapple Dandy

This was my 2017 harvest Flavor King in the center

Left to right, DD and FK

Various pluots from 2018

Not really related but 7 days later a number of my figs were ripe too


Drew is in Michigan, not quite the east coast. I think his area is not as hot or as humid as where we are.

Hopefully, @scottfsmith and @speedster1 will chime in. They are closer to you and grow some pluots.

My grafts of Flavor King, Flavor Granade and Flavor Suprene have not grown much, unfortunately.

Thanks Drew. I live fairly close to you and have been trying to find out what pluots and plums grow best here. I’ve got two dapple dandy trees going in this year and a bunch of root stock. I might try to barter for some scion wood from you next year. I’m also trying toka, superior, green gage, methley, prunus Americana, and shiro this year.

While my trees and grafts have grown very well and quite comparable to my Asian plums, I’ve had a very difficult time fruiting pluots. They bloom too early for my region and the blossoms continually get frozen out. A nice crisp pluot is one of my favorite fruits but they are hard to recommend here in 6A/B.

Yeah they don’t here. I agree that may be a problem, luckily here it’s cold then it’s warm. Rarely does it get warm in the winter, warm in the winter here is 40F. I think we had 2 days above 40 so far. Now that is changing but bloom here is not till the last week of April, first week of May. The Great Lakes really help buffer everything and it works!

Yeah I trade like a beast, but even for postage is fine. I will need Green Gage scion next year, so grow that one well!

@Drew51 Why didn’t FS work for you? Lack of pollination? Did you hand pollinate?

Yeah lack of pollination I guess? I did try some hand pollinating, it didn’t work, I’ll try again this year. I still have it. This is a troublesome one here, too much work!

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Should be polinized by Emerald drop, Flavor Queen, Santa Rosa,Geo pride,Late santa rosa, and Flavorosa pluots.

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That seems to be common with Flavor Supreme.I planted a tree a few years ago and probably had two fruit.So,a bunch of other Plum and Pluot varieties are sharing the branches.There are still some flowers that bloom of the original that get hand pollinated,so maybe some year,things may change.The thing grows like a weed though.bb


That’s what I am trying to understand, why FS gives poor fruit set even with some hand pollination…

My tree is full of flower buds this year and I am planning on extensive hand pollination… willl see the outcome…

@Bradybb yes, my tree is very vigorous too.

I’ve had good fruit set on FS with extensive hand pollination. It’s also happened with bees. But most of the time the bees just fly right by the FS blossoms or get close and fly off. FS is not attractive to bees.

At the time I had good set there were numerous other pluots and plums to provide pollen.