Grafting Persimmons


3 varieties.


Which varieties are they?


Great job Susu!


One thing to be aware of… persimmon - at least D.virginiana - autoprunes lower branches as thhey become shaded, so those grafts, even if they take and grow, may decline and disappear over a few years’ time.


Do you remember this transplant done on August 30, 2018.

Here she is today. A 70% success.


We briefly got into the upper 80s last week and I was thinking I’d better hurry up and graft my persimmons. I was busy, so didn’t get to it. This week highs are in the 50s and 60s. Fickle spring weather here.

Also can’t make up my mind on whether the heat pump should be heating or cooling and where to set the bypass for relative upper and lower level.


I had excellent success grafting to dormant rootstock this year following the hot callusing method. 8/12 different varieties have taken already.
If you have the luxury of being able to bench graft, it might be easier than waiting for ideal temperatures.


My persimmon grafts are being super slow to get going. I grafted in a warm period but it didn’t stay warm long enough in this very cool spring we have been having here. They are finally moving 3+ weeks later and I expect some might not make it. I’m not used to having to worry about persimmon grafts getting too cold, once the wood is slipping well its usually more a problem of too hot.


Not bench grafts, these will be to existing trees.


Very true, but it seems like my virginiana persimmons also just pretty randomly auto-prune a lot of branches that really couldn’t even be explained by shading.


Happens on Lotus too. My Jiro on Lotus decided this year to kill off several branches.


Here is a pic of mine


I haven’t posted an update in this thread in a while. It’s been 2 years almost exactly now but my original persimmons grafting of Hana Fuyu sent from Burnt Ridge nursery is doing great. Also added a chocolate persimmons scion from @Matt_in_Maryland. The top part of the tree is native persimmons. Most all of the bottom is grafts. It’s a favorite of mine for sure. The pic with all the flowers is the chocolate from Matt!!


I went to graft some persimmons today and just as one was about to go under the knife, I noticed some flower buds. Strange that a little potted rootstock is already trying to flower. Should I spare it and see if it’s any good? It’s D. Virginiana.


I vote Yes to see how good the fruit is before you topwork it.


OK I will plant it and see what it does. Looks like female flowers since they are single and not in clusters. If anything maybe I can get seeds from it one day to make more rootstocks.


My persimmon grafts this year.


You must like eating lots of persimmons @k8tpayaso. They look great! No leaf curl from persimmon psylla either. I had to spray mine with Sevin after I saw them sulking today.


I actually grafted two of each cultivar hoping at least one of each will take. Almost every graft has taken so now I have twice as many as I need. I will use them for sale or trade.

I’ve had these covered with insect netting. Found a psyllid under the net having a go at one of them but not too bad. I’m having to spray sevin on my larger ones and the rootstocks. I hate those things!!


Fingers crossed, so far all the Kaki and Hybrid persimmon grafts are looking good.