Its going to snow! Critical temperatures?

So the forecast here in Colorado is snow on Friday. I’m actually less concerned about the snow than the cold temperatures. The forecasted low is ~30F. As for the peaches, apples, pears and grapes, will this damage the already developing fruit? The grapes are still flowering however.

I can easily cover our garden, but the trees would be a challenge. And if we do get heavy snow, that could damage any trees that are covered.

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In 2019… I had peaches and apples and had already done a thinning on both…

My grapes had new shoots 5 or 6 inches long.

We got something like 27 degrees on April 15.

Lost all apples peaches and grape new shoots…

About a month later my grapes sent out new shoots but they did not fruit that year.

I think your fate will be determined by exactly how cold it gets… if 30 you might be ok… some might make it… but if 26… not good.


@danCO — I saved the image below a while back … I expect from some information someone posted on this board.

Hope you stay north of 30.

PS… in 2019 when I got that late frost on 4/15… I had peaches and apples 3/4 to 1 inch on… and for a day or two they looked Ok… then little dimples / depressions… started showing up, eventually they browned and fell off.


May we suggest this thread Colorado Front Range Thread . Your one state over so the weather is similar. Since we are neighboring states I’m thinking 30 degrees is fine as it is here. it’s not unusual in early spring. Your weather can be even more volatile than ours.
Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?

Past years has taught me the snow is a blessing. Would love it if you send me your snow! Please post us some photos! It’s been very hot here this year overall.

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Everytime I go to complain about our wacky weather someone beats me too it - I had my post in the Front Range thread before seeing this one.

Screenshot 2022-05-18 155201

At any rate, I’m with you, really not looking forward to those temps and snow. Way too many things to try and cover - gotta be selective I guess. As I mentioned in my former post, I expect some low temperatures and possible freezes in May, but the swings are wild.

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Fingers crossed for 30+. Or, that the forecast changes dramatically in the next 24 hours. Either way, I just hope we get some moisture!

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5+ inches of snow will crush a lot of trees unfortunately since they are leafed out. I may need to be out shaking everything periodically. I can see a potentially busy week ahead for arborists.

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Not sure if you have seen this thread
Frost damage and the "lies" experts tell - #35 by alan

There are several factors contributing to how much damage you will get, if any.

One year we had snow 3-4” on Halloween, very unusual for us. My 3 in 1 apple tree was full of leaves. With heavy wet snow on it, it fell over. That was how I lost my first fruit tree. Unfortunately, it was not the last.


May snow in Colorado is pretty much a regular event, right?

Eh, kind of but not really. I would normally expect about 50/50 odds of snow early in May, but the 20th is pushing it. Here’s the recorded amount of snow in May in Denver over the last few years:
2020-2021 Trace
2019-2020 0.0
2018-2019 3.9
2017-2018 0.0
2016-2017 Trace
2015-2016 Trace
2014-2015 4.0

So, that’s about a 28 %
chance you’ll get a May snow
in any given year.

Yeah… I was thinking about the same… 2nd year getting pears and a few peaches on some 2nd leaf trees.

Since we’re talking more about the fruitlets (and less about buds/flowers), I think it is not safe to assume that they are simply water, and likely have a freeze point a few degrees lower than water, but maybe that is only in the mature fruit with sugars.

I bumped into this chart of freeze temps by fruit (obviously not very granular) when I was looking into fruit storage:

I’m also hoping we get lucky, though currently one night is forecasted at 28 for me. That said, I had a forecast of 37 a few months back and didn’t turn off the yard hydrant, and of course it got down to 27 and busted it. Only the weather rock will know… here’s hoping for the best.

I may also put some incandescent christmas lights on a branch or two and bag that branch, but also am concerned about the 4’ of snow.

The models keep going the wrong way as we get closer. I’m thinking there’s not a lot of hope for anything that cannot be covered. Good luck this afternoon with all your covering adventures!

Yeah, this is a freak year. Technically the Colorado Front Range last frost is May 20th, but that is rarely true. The latest at most is usually May 10th (and it’s usually just rain). It’s been so warm and drought like this year I did not expect one this late this year.

I’m afraid most of your peach blossoms will be gonners. If you already have small fruits some might survive, but it’s not looking good. Snow is fine, cold without snow (which is predicted) will be darn right brutal. I already planted out some early tomatoes and my overwintered peppers, guess they will be gone.

Was predicted to get 29F here, but now it says 31. No idea. Just wait and see I guess.


Really feel if it’s around 30 you will be fine. Pears will get frost rings ofcourse.

You’re predicted to not have snow?! Most models I see for the front range has a good amount of snow throughout - heck their are predicting a foot + in the foothills.

Not sure what forcast I was looking at, but at first yeah it said bareley any snow, like half an inch. Now it says now on one forcast is 3", which is what I would expect for a snow this late here. A different forcast says 6-12", so who knows. I live in Loveland, one year it snowed significantly in both Denver and FoCo and we didn’t get even an inch. So who knows? Not even the weatherman sometimes.

So I’m seeing anywhere between 2 and 15in. However, I’m more concerned about temp than snow. I’m happy for all the snow we can get as long as it stays around freezing. It may be a busy day though shaking off the cement from trees so nothing breaks .
Before pictures for reference: