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have you gotten li to fruit where you’re at?


I got a Li from Edible Landscaping with an elongated fruits.


wow, so there are at least three li’s now… pls keep us posted here on its fruit quality


update on this juju fruiting stem popping out of the ground

it is probably one of Lowe’s, burntridge’s, or Mr Meyer’s rootstock. Have never been lucky getting good-quality fruits from any of their rootstock, so hopefully this would be the first.

now only if the neighborhood cats would stop scent-marking these, being too low to the ground… :frowning:


more expensive every year.
grafting adds to the cost, no doubt. My dream is to broadcast these on their own roots, and to make grafted jujus obsolete. Or if grafted, the rootstock should itself be a desired cultivar.


It is nature call :blush:


i might have to smear the vicinity with coyote scent…


first ga 866 root cutting that sprouted(supposedly a ga 866, if it is true that jfae grows them on their own roots). Jfae sells them at a premium

to date, self-rooted jujus are more expensive than grafted ones. Surely though, there will be cultivars that yield high success rates using root cuttings, so price should go down considerably.
if you remember buying those pricey vcr’s back in the day when they first came out, hindsight tells you it was so stupid spending that much. Maybe it was stupid, but you were happy and satisfied(at the time :smile: )


la fleur seedling with the most pronounced serrate/sawtooth foliage, almost like english holly.

hoping the fruits get better with time, which would add value to the ornamental effect.


Here you go. Sandia cleft graft took!

New Jin #4

Vegas Baby





I’m not sure this is the correct thread for this but I have an “oopsie” and I need experienced jujube viewers—mature or not.

I grafted this “Honey Jar” tree last year

I’m suspecting R4T3. I don’t know shapes of a couple I grafted last year but most I can rule out. R1T4 and Priest I’m not sure of. I thought R4T3 was more pepper shaped.

EDIT: I looked back to my records to see what I had grafted last year…Autumn Beauty was one. That looks more like AB doesn’t it? It does have a tag on it that is broken… I just “remembered” in my mind all this time that it was Honey Jar. I may need to stop “remembering“!!! So. What’s everyone’s vote?


That serration is so pretty


the thick tubular fruit does remind me of autumn beauty(at least the autumn beauty that i know of). Almost certain it is not hj, and not r4t3.


Here is my shanxi li, She leans to the side as i took down a big tree to the side of her and should start growing more towards the beehive now (which i will need to move as the jujube will encourage robbing when it really gets going). Some winter damage but not bad. She woke up like 5 days ago


nice @RichardRoundTree . Feel free to post updates :slight_smile:


fruitlets blushing pink, first fruits of this ~4 yr old sihong seedling . The earliest to bear of that bunch of sihong seedlings.


like peas in a pod: vegas spicy jujus


precocious glitzy graft bearing fruits(grafted on li interstem), just two months from quickening on that sole bud

was hoping that grafting it way up would reduce its spiny habit, but unfortunately didn’t happen. Just hoping now that fruits get substantially bigger and improve in quality


the famous, and in some ways infamous ogw triumvirate from top to bottom:

  • autumn beauty(supposedly aka qiyue xian),
  • massandra,
  • and winter delight(supposedly aka mango dong zao)

all of them still potted, and much smaller due to scion giveaways. Winter delight is evidently the most productive. Makes one think how it will overperform grown directly on mother earth.


jfae’s supposedly self-rooted ga 866

at least the fruits seem to be true to form: sparse-bearer of relatively large tubular fruits.