Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


Yes they are. And yes they dont look all that contorted. However the one planted out was equivalent in “bendy trend” to many of the others and until it started growing this year did not seem to be very twisty. You cannot appreciate it in that picture but it is becoming a lovely contorted mess and I cannot wait to see it naked! Here are a few more pics…trace some of the limbs and you will see.

So…does it being restrained in growth limit the contortions? James picked that one from among the others and truthfully I didn’t think he picked the one with the most tendency to curve about. It is going to be fantastic though if it continues like it is. You just can’t see it for the leaves in the photos.


most folks wouldn’t want spines on their trees, but with contorted jujus, the spines seem to do justice by adding extra elements to the wicked aesthetics(followed by malevolent, maniacal laughter).


What type of weed block fabric are you using?


It came from and it is their brand I think. Its called MegaGrow.

Here’s the link to the actual product. Good price and free shipping. The reviews are good but I can’t attest to how it will be or hold up since I just got it.

Jujube R5 and R4T3 infos?

your eyes goo-goo for ju ju ? Sing along with me :wink:

"And now we’re grown up orphans
That never knew their names
We don’t belong to no one
That’s a shame

If you could hide beside me
Maybe for a while
And I won’t tell no one your name
And I won’t tell 'em your name"


Very informative video, thanks.


I was kinda worried about my SiHong because the leaves were too yellowish!!!

Loved the vid and learned stuff too!


If those jujube pits are still available im really reallly reallly interested.
I was going to offer up trades this coming fall/spring for seeds to use as rootstock and id be glad to trade if thats an option.

I traded fig cuttings for some pits and i have 3 seedlings growing now with the intent to graft once they are large enough.
After reading these post im really hoping i have the right species. From what i can tell it doesn’t resemble the Indian jujube but some pits looked round others more of a long and skinny shape with sharp points at the ends.

My homebrew potting mix is stunting many of my seedlings too.
Making your own potting soil seems to be some sort of art that im terrible at.
I always think my mix is really good until i water it a few times then the pot just turns into basically swamp mud and suffocates whatever im growing.


Evidently me too! Mine seems to crust up on top and leave the center wet much the same as a week old cow patty… :flushed::flushed::flushed:


you got it @Preston, just nudge me with a pm of your address this autumn or winter :slight_smile:


@jujubemulberry thank you!
I will be sure to contact you this autumn.


you’re welcome! Lets get them juju trees up and running :slight_smile:


@PaulinKansas6b and @ncdabbler , below are photos of priest, r4t3, and norris#1 from top to bottom. Priest is ovoid to cylindrical, while r4t3 is typically pointy, while norris is generally blunt-tipped.
r4t3 is also longer than norris, and i would say, the longest of the tubular jujus.


2 photos of chico below

contorted photo below honey jar below lang photo below below, ogw’s autumn b orange beauty below below, priest below, li r4t3 photo below ripe priest below sugarcane photo below sihong photo below below, vegas baby 3 xu zhou photos below *here in vegas, xu zhou actually tastes better before they are fully-ripe. Apart from being less prone to fruit-split at immature stage. Already sweet even at the green stage, just like li, hj, and sihong


Wow that is very Nice pictures Raf!!!
I am very impressed!!!
I am happy to hear that Xu Zhou is tasty when green, that is one i am growing so glad to hear a good report!!
I really like Priest and R4T3 those are two I am moving up on my list big time!! As well as Orange Beauty it sounds great!!
The big question is what will produce in my KansasPrairie climate and how will it adapt! Testing is the only way to find out so I cant wait for my young trees as well as my seedling rootstock to grow out so i can do more grafting!!! Right now i have some new grafts like Coco on my Shanxi Li and Russian 5 on my Xu Zhou!
Thanks so much for the good pictorial!!!


jujus at the heart of america(Kansas) will surely add valuable info to this forum. Hope you keep us posted on your endeavors.
btw, important to note that Orange beauty was bred by one of the juju guru’s here— @castanea


Raf Email us a list of the cultivars that you have on hand Please

We will have to do an inventory next month because we planted 25 new ones this past spring and we have about 30 more to plant this fall so I will add those as we plant them thou
I still would like to use your book for reference but It not in the library now and I fear that the wife may have file 13ed it thinking it was some kind of trade Pub

What is your price on a new one please and not the Amazon price

Thank you



will pm you as soon as i ascertain the tags on our trees. Will do it over the weekend.

am afraid we have less cultivars now due to the sharpie markers getting rinsed by monsoon’s and bleached by summer sun.

lol! the wife here has the same managerial approach. She thinks the ‘organized mess’ on my desk is totally against her religion :smile:


Thank you

Regarding you desert climate which is Ideal for the Jujube you would have a much better chance of getting some of these newest selection that we have from the wilds of Mongolia desert

These are cultivars grown in and developed in the desert regions of the Far North China Like JUN, Grey Jujube , Huping , and CHUN There are fruiting well in the dry Greenhouses but I am very uncertain if they will fruit in the fields

I will plant these this fall and Get you same scion wood of them this Winter

THX and good growing


surely we can trade. If there might be others am sure you dont have apart from norris #1 and r2t2, it would be our seed-grown cultivars: vegas booty, v. baby, etc… Have been planning to send you budwood of those earlier but decided to wait until i can produce enough suckers/root cuttings to add to the giveaway, which we feel are a cut above plain budwood in overall value.

even though it is anatomically a cut below budwood , haha