My mulberry and other fruits collection


Some goodies arrived in the post today from Madeira Island :slight_smile:

4 more Madeira Mulberries and some pitangas
Emanuel is really a nice guy, i bought 3 Madeira mulberries and he sent me one more as extra and a few madeira pitangas seedlings.

Gonna keep one or 2 Madeira mulberries in large 36L pots and the other 2 in ground :slight_smile:

Pots for them


WOW! Very lucky! Congratulations! :smiley:


And planted the madeira mulberries
2 in 36l pots and 2 in ground


Another acquisiton

Arbutus unedo / medronheiro / strawberry tree


Look what arrived in the post today from turkey!!
Pink mulberry cuttings!!! Now rooting in pot

Mother tree


Very interesting mulberry, do u know something more about it, cold hardiness for example?


Nothing… its from turkey, so it should work here in Portugal also. Lets see how it.goes. i"ll keep updates on it here.
Probably i"ll buy more to graft if they dont root


I’ve had those in Tunisia before, super super sweet. I wouldn’t be able to tell their cold hardiness unfortunately.


How long did they take to reach you please?


They were sent on 22nd September and arrived yesterday the 10th of October.
2 weeks


Inga vulpina seeds now rooting :slight_smile:


WOW that’s great! You got a lot of plants! Did you like the fruits?


Luis, these are the seeds you sent me. 2 of them crumble in pieces in shipping but i still planted them and the divided pieces are also rooting… :slight_smile:
Ive goot 10 rooted seeds :slight_smile:


Also i bought a reptile heat mat and a temperature and humidity reader to help in the mulberry rooting.
As i know some mulberries are very easy to root (oscar and shangri la i got like 99.99999% sucess), others i got 0% sucess (white pakistan, etc).
I am not sure how easy is this pink mulberry to root so i decided to add a heat mat to try and improve.
Any ideas how much the temperature should be around the rooting area for better sucess??


That’s great! And you eat the white pulp?


At this moment the readings i get are:
. Outside the pot temperature 20.1 C
. Inside the pot on the rooting level 20.4 C
. Humidity inside 63%

Hmm… should i put a clear bag on top of it? I did in the past and got a lot of mold


Maybe like this is better… but i"ll be vigilant of the mold


My next mulberries arriving in a few weeks :)))


Nice to see you again! You disapeared for some time…


Work work and more work… but ive been reading the forum and your posts :slight_smile:
Your harvest has been amazing!! Hope i get there in a year or 2 :slight_smile: