New persimmon varieties


Edible landscaping now carries a new persimmon variety that is supposed to be their earliest ripening one: It is called Gil Ya.
Appears to an astringent type.
Only problem is I’ve not heard of it and Google know nothing about it.
Anybody knows anything about this one?


Well shoot! “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” (points if anyone knows where that quote is from)

I love my astringent Asian Persimmons, and I thought I had all I wanted, but this sounds intriguing. Hope someone here knows more about it. If not I’ll volunteer to be the guinea pig.


Here is another new one


A volunteer after my own heart!
I love this place. I am among my own kind of crazy folk here. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! They volunteer to grow things to test varieties, they send you fruit in the mail to try out, they send you scions, some even come home to you and graft them for you! Totally nuts, good nuts!


I called Edible Landscaping to inquire about it a couple months back when I noticed it. They don’t have much info on it. From what I remember, the owner said someone local gave them scions a while back. The tree is supposed to stay pretty small. I ordered one too to try.

@ramv Fuping Jian Shi (富平尖柿) is a well known persimmon in China and is often dried and shipped abroad. I found some at the local market before. However, the picture posted on OGW website does not match what it’s supposed to look like. Jian Shi means pointed persimmon in Chinese so one would expect a fruit shaped like Hachiya or something similar. A google image search of the Chinese words I typed for the name depicts this. Not sure if that picture OGW has up is some generic picture they found of persimmons or really what they have. It could be something interesting. I read the description and it kept mentioning Izu persimmon. Either they copied and pasted the text or someone was very confused :rofl:


It looks like Jianshi might be the same as Hao River per @strudeldog