New persimmon varieties

Edible landscaping now carries a new persimmon variety that is supposed to be their earliest ripening one: It is called Gil Ya.
Appears to an astringent type.
Only problem is I’ve not heard of it and Google know nothing about it.
Anybody knows anything about this one?


Well shoot! “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” (points if anyone knows where that quote is from)

I love my astringent Asian Persimmons, and I thought I had all I wanted, but this sounds intriguing. Hope someone here knows more about it. If not I’ll volunteer to be the guinea pig.


Here is another new one

A volunteer after my own heart!
I love this place. I am among my own kind of crazy folk here. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! They volunteer to grow things to test varieties, they send you fruit in the mail to try out, they send you scions, some even come home to you and graft them for you! Totally nuts, good nuts!


I called Edible Landscaping to inquire about it a couple months back when I noticed it. They don’t have much info on it. From what I remember, the owner said someone local gave them scions a while back. The tree is supposed to stay pretty small. I ordered one too to try.

@ramv Fuping Jian Shi (富平尖柿) is a well known persimmon in China and is often dried and shipped abroad. I found some at the local market before. However, the picture posted on OGW website does not match what it’s supposed to look like. Jian Shi means pointed persimmon in Chinese so one would expect a fruit shaped like Hachiya or something similar. A google image search of the Chinese words I typed for the name depicts this. Not sure if that picture OGW has up is some generic picture they found of persimmons or really what they have. It could be something interesting. I read the description and it kept mentioning Izu persimmon. Either they copied and pasted the text or someone was very confused :rofl:


It looks like Jianshi might be the same as Hao River per @strudeldog

My Fuping Jianshi arrived today from OGW. It came with 5 flower buds even though it’s only in a 1 gallon pot. I’ll probably pinch them off if they don’t fall on their own. Not sure what rootstock it’s on since OGW staff just told me it’s a seedling rootstock. Hope it does well here and maybe I’ll get a fruit next year.


The Godfather. Or one of them. And @thecityman you know, just like the rest of us, you won’t quit…

haha. Of course you are right…you have no idea just how many times I’ve drawn an imaginary line and told myself "ok, no fruit trees past this point, I’m going to save the rest of this area for XYZ (several different ideas for what XYZ could be) and then the very next spring I push the line “just one more row”…for about 6 springs in a row. So yea, you are right. I’m a fruit tree junkie.

As for the movie line…the judges would have accepted either Godfather 3 (so you win-this is the original and best), 3 different episodes of the Supranos (the character of Silvio played by Bruce Springsteen’s real life Guitar player, often reenacted Al Pachino’s quote/scene from Godfather 3), or even an episode of Seinfield when George reenacted the famous Pachino scene). There, more than you ever wanted to know about a silly quote. There are memes of all these floating around!

BTW…I haven’t seen you say much about your jujubes lately. Did you graft a lot of those seedlings? Are you selling them? They doing well?


I grafted a few of the larger ones. And I ordered 10 rootstocks that I grafted. I’ve got a few new trees growing—some that I didn’t already have and a few that perhaps will be sold or traded. After having grafted to the small rootstocks and to larger ones I’ve found you get so much better growth from the graft if the rootstock is pretty good size. They just take time growing from seed!! I’m doing a bunch of persimmons and it’s a lot easier to come by persimmon rootstock so I’m adding it to my nursery also. I’ve also got a few figs growing but I don’t really like working with them as much as the jujus and persimmons. I’ve got an orchard full of jujus with fruitlets right now!

Still having to learn a lot on grafting…have had a much better success rate this year.

How’s your jujus? How many persimmons do you have?


My Sugar Cane and Honey Jar are absolutely amazing. Fastest growing trees i own, and lush and green with new growth pouring out everywhere. THey’ve put on a foot of growth on most tips and top just in the last MONTH! . They are just now blooming so we’ll see how it goes, but I expect a lot of fruit this year. Strangely, the last few days they are absolutely covered in some kind of bug- and I mean COVERED!!! But the bug isn’t harming them at all and are crawling all over the blooms so hopefully they will pollinate. They have a body just like a lightening bug but are yellow with brown. I’ll get a photo and see if @LarryGene can figure it out. You ever had anything like that? Also have lots of mason bees working flowers.

I have a total of 10 persimmon trees: Chocolate (2), Fuyu, Saijo (4), Nikita’s Gift, Meader, and 2 American’s that I’ve top worked with some of the aforementioned varieties. I have awful luck grafting persimmons. I get so so results in terms of takes, but then months later or even the following year, they often just die. Hope you have better luck.


The Gil Ya persimmon from Edible Landscaping arrived today. It’s bigger than expected. They squeezed a pretty hefty rootstock into a little tree tube. Now to wait a couple years.


Well I have read how persimmons just planted drop all buds. But of 50 on mine only 1 fell so far. Here are some buds growing. Gee it would be cool to taste this fall!


That’s one productive little tree. When did you plant it?

Me? I planted it this spring. Dave’s is a popular grower, maybe just lucked out. I am trying to coax it to let me eat one the year but gently rubbing this trunk and a couple leaves and saying to it how prett and productive the tree is…I figure never know! I may be able to sweettalk a tree to fruiting!


Wow do you think it may be cold hardy enough for you in 6b being it is 100% asian?

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Sure hope so! I’ll probably protect it this upcoming winter since it’s still rather small. 2 newly planted astringent varieties came through last winter’s low of -3 with minimal damage to the smallest branches and they got no protection, so I’m hopeful something will work. If not, I also have some hybrids and Americans going that should fruit in a year or 2. Their hardiness shouldn’t be an issue from what I understand.


Oh ok that is great!!! It will be interesting to see how they do!


Oddly enough, we were assigned a journal article in class that focuses on this cultivar. When I tried to look up what it looks like, I got this thread.

The paper is about trying to find ways to shore up cell wall strength because apparently this cv is not a good shipper. The article is here: