Pineapple guava


How about mint?


I only tasted mint (more like spearamint) on the aftertaste of a few. I will try again tonight to see the difference in which ones lean like lime and which ones lean mint. I think the over ripe ones taste minty…


I taste spearmint and something similar to kiwifruit. I think one of the reasons I became a fan of this fruit is because it has such a unique flavor.


Any taste reports on the Robert Variety?
I want to plant a small hedge with 3 feijoas… hoping to plant a Nazemetz (although not sure where I can find one), a Nikita from one green world, and a one other… or maybe I just do two Nazemetz or 2 Nikita.

I am not even sure I like feijoa. I had one from Whole Foods… it was just ok, but I don’t think it was ripe. However, I need a small privacy hedge in front of my house and they are really beautiful plants that are inline with my edible landscape theme.


Feijoa eating quality strongly depends on variety. I would not rely on experience from store bought fruit, it’s probably Coolidge which is barely edible. Nikita is among the best. Nazemetz is better than Coolidge but not by much, it’s significantly worse than most modern varieties. I’m about to remove my two Nazemetz plants and replace them with additional Marion and Flavia.


The best tasting Feijoa I’ve had came from Bill Merrill’s backyard,when he lived in Fremont,CA.
There are two trees in the back corner,unnamed probably.One had the common oblong shaped fruit and the other,almost round and the better flavor.
The only name I can match is Pineapple Gem,from the CRFG website,because of the


@Stan Any idea where to get those? It is hard to find any named varieties.
@Bradybb I am really close to Fremont, but I don’t know a great way to special varieties.

I did join CRFG GG chapter. I wish they had a forum.


Patrick Schafer sells top-quality feijoa varieties at the CRFG scion exchange at Santa Rosa every year. You can either wait for the exchange in 2020 (about year from now) or travel to Patrick’s place in Mendocino County. I think he does not ship but not sure 100%. You can e-mail him and ask, his e-mail is


There was a guy at the Santa Clara Scion Exchange that grows them in Mendocino County,I think.
@ramv has communicated with him about Loquat,if he is the same guy.He had a tub of seedlings at the event.Maybe he can be of some
That’s probably the man,Stan.


Patrick sells loquats as well so it’s likely was him.


Menlo growers in Gilroy got different varieties.huge nursery.:blush:


Mark Albert is the pineapple guava expert. I am sure Patrick would be a great person to get insight from as well


I’ve yet to get any fruit from plants…they flower but that’s it…kind of disappointing…


Thanks everyone. I think I will just get 2 Nikita and another variety for pollination. I am putting them in an unideal partial sun location mainly because I need a pretty privacy hedge, so it is probably not worth bothering individuals for special varieties. If I get fruit off the NIkita, and we like it, then I can start seeking other tasty varieties. I hear the flowers are really tasty in salads, so that is another plus.


How much sun will the plants get? In my experience, feijoa plants don’t grow well in shade and tend to drop leaves, so they will not do much for privacy in such conditions.


I find the timing of when to eat them is crucial. I like them when they just start to get soft outside, and when they start to develop that clear gel on the inside. Before they brown.

I have two varieties. Coolidge and unnamed seedling. I like both, but I’ve heard that they have more flavor on the edge of their possible growing area, like where I live. I eat the skin on one variety but not the other.
John S


Hi! I have 7 feijoa trees and all of them are on full sun… totaly exposed to hot summer temperatures and winter cold, and they are great producers! Two apolo, one mamute and four unnamed…


How old are they and do you pollinate them by hand?


Hi! The oldest ones maby 4 years and two of them from last year. No i never hand polinate them… they produce a lot!


Thanks Stan, that is good to know. On second thought, my spot might not be shady. I plan on planting them on the north west side of a few stone fruit trees I just planted The trees are headed to about 24-30" right now, so it may be years before the stone fruit shade the feijoa. I plan on keeping the fruit trees really small, so maybe they will never shade them much. Or the feijoa could wind up outgrowing the fruit trees as I know they can get quite large.
I ordered 2 Nikita and a mammoth from onegreenworld. I will try them in that spot and see if they work out. If we wind up loving the Nikita, then I will definitely start searching out other named varieties.