Pineapple guava


It’s a good choice taste-wise, Nikita is excellent and Mammoth is also very good. However, they both ripen pretty early in the season (Nikita ripens the first out of about dozen varieties that I have, and Mammoth just a bit later). When you will be expanding to other feijoa varieties at some point, consider the ripening time to extend the season.


Is Nikita the earliest known,ripening,named cultivar?In the PNW area,where I live,sooner may be better.
In a video,where Mark Albert is interviewed,Seattle is mentioned as a place where some of his varieties are growing.I’ll probably contact


Nikita is earliest in my collection but this does not mean it’s earliest overall. Mark Albert should have experience with much more varieties than I do.


Does Nikita need cross-pollination? If you have a hedge of these varieties, it would be hard to say. However, does Nikita’s bloom season overlap with others given this is the earliest ripening variety you have? I have only one spot for a feijoa and I was thinking of choosing Nikita after reading your posts over the years. The OGW website says this variety needs cross-pollination, so I wanted to check with your experience.


I have a whole bunch of other feijoa varieties around Nikita and they all bloom around the same time, so I have no way to know whether it needs cross-pollination or not. In my situation, it’s very productive.


I just ordered 3 of varieties pineapple guava from One green world nursery. How do you think theirs performing in our areas Brad? Do you have one too?


i have about 40 nazemetz.forgot how much exactly.last year out of all of them only got about 5-6 guavas lol.this year i am keeping an eye on the water i give them.i make sure top level is moist every 2-3 days.since i planted them i been putting compost,mulch and sheep manure around the tree.


I have three right now.A no name from a local nursery,Coolidge and Nikita,came from OGW.
The Coolidge and no name,which is the biggest,produced a small amount of ripe fruit,a couple years ago,after bringing them into an unheated greenhouse.The Nikita is young and was purchased this year.
They will need protection during the Winter,with anything much below 20F or else die back will


@Bradybb How fast can they grow? Why OGW said they can stay overwinter to 5 F . I don’t have the green house. don’t know should I cancel the orders. How the fruits tasted to you . How do you protect them during Winter time . Thank you for information Brady


I left the Coolidge and no name plants outside in containers last Winter and they both had branches killed.The Coolidge so much,I wasn’t expecting recovery,but new growth came.The lows were around 15F probably.
The easiest way to give some protection,is with some kind of cover and a heat source,like the old fashion incandescent Christmas tree lights or a small heater.Being evergreen,I’m not sure if the plants need sunlight during Winter.Maybe a clear plastic cover,like greenhouse poly film.
I like the taste of the fruit.
5F seems very cold for


Thank you Brady. Last Winter was more extreme cold than others Winter in PCN . We have about 15F once for a while . Anyway I will try to plant them in containers with a lot of beauty bark cover the root system. Thank again Brady.


I have 2 varieties of Feijoa in the ground that survived here near Portland.


How cold was there last Winter Murky? It’s also cold and snow to Northern California last year.


I don’t remember exactly. I hadn’t yet set up my weather station so I can’t just look it up, but I think in the low teens.

I also have a couple of feijoa seedlings at my mother’s house in the suburbs that did fine.


I think it got much colder last year in Seattle than in Portland.


Any of them ever has fruits yet? Information said some of their ripping time in November which is very cold in Seattle at that time already. Thank you so much for your information Murky.


Mine haven’t really fruited yet. They’ve flowered and formed small fruits but didn’t mature. They are still small and are growing very slowly. I don’t do a good job of irrigation or fertilization.

Another member in Portland has a large and bountiful feioja with excellent fruit every Fall and is very generous in sharing.


The trunk on my forty year old pineapple guava…


Thank you so much for information Murky . I might cancel order and buy one in local nursery.
Is Coolidge self fertile ? They all will grow very big later.
I just bought the last 2 gallon Coolidge $30 . That is the only variety they have there and some of 5 gallons the same variety left.


My 25+ year-old feijoa has a comparable trunk size.

The +5 degree magic number would likely be survived by only well-established plants and require major re-growth from pruned-back branches.

+20 and above just defoliates the plant and fruit is possible same year, next year worst case.

Generous Larry here in Portland (note the feijoa avatar)