Pineapple guava


How could you know and planted a Feijoa tree for 40 years ago? Can we see some of pictures of your trees if possible convenient. I afraid of my room is too small for my tree Larry. Thank you .


I had to climb up on the wall to get a good overall picture of it… it really needs a hard pruning.


Feijoa was brought into California just after 1900 and to New Zealand by the 1920s; is is not surprising that various fruit enthusiasts have been growing this for several decades. I am a relative newcomer.


Indeed. My house was built in 1978 and the original owner must have planted this pineapple guava around that time. Some of the fruits were huge this year. Apologies for the night photos, hehe


One of my varieties completely defoliated over winter.(Albert’s Pride). My other varieties (Abbadabba and Nikita) which are identical conditions look perfectly healthy with no leaf loss.
Scratching the bark reveals the bark to be green but some of the tips are dying back. Roots look quite healthy.
Any ideas? This is a young plant grafted in early 2019.


My plant is very similar in size to the Tang Tang plant, above.

No ideas on ramv’s defoliated plant. Did the leaves brown at all? Fall off gradually or all at once?

What was your low temperature this past winter in Seattle? The low in Portland was +24F, no feijoa leaf damage here.


I can’t take any credit for my tree since I just moved in this year, but I do enjoy the fruits of the original owner’s labor😁.


They started losing leaves gradually. It got to maybe 24F here as well but my other Feijoas were unaffected.


I would give the plant until June; see what the new growth looks like.


I’ve been searching for information on air layering specific to feijoa’s. Not much out there. I’ve successfully air layered before but not feijoa’s. When you say six months it has me worried if I start now I won’t have enough warm months before winter comes. Would you be willing to part with some wisdom?


I’ve tried air layering feijoas twice, the last time with sphagnum moss in small plastic bottled water containers. I haven’t seen any evidence of rooting after well over a year, although the sprigs above the bottle are still growing.

Published info states that the lower down the plant (closer to the ground) you do the process, the % of success goes way up. I did not have any near-ground suitable branchlets.

If you have any basal sprouts, probably best to scar those and bury slightly. The weevils are leaving my basal sprouts alone this year so I may try that.


These are my 5 year old pineapple guavas…they started out as little tiny shrubs…I expect if I let them, they’ll over take the pear tree I have planted in the middle…


Would you ship Feijoas to Oregon in the fall?


I have had pineapple guavas here in Portland for about 20 years. They fruit every fall. They have never had problems with the cold. I have one Coolidge and one unnamed variety. They fruit more if you pollinate them.
John S