Questions not deserving of a whole thread


Glad your HC is doing well! Mine has started to leaf out, which is the earliest it has ever done so, sometimes taking into June before bud break.


In my yard, Shiro is alway the first plum to bloom and fruit set very well. Ruby Queen is the last to bloom so far. The Flavor Queen barely set fruits. Santa Rosa is also a shy setter.


Do you have the recommended pollinators for Flavor Queen. Dave Wilsons Nursery suggests Dapple Dandy, Flavor Supreme or Burgundy and states absolutly not on flavor King. Flavor Queen, I wonder is a case of very selective compatibility. I have 2 of those grafted to the same tree however both suffered from deer rubbing last year and have yet to recover fully.


My flavor queen was grafted to superior, they seem bloom within same proximity. I also have bubble gum grafted on the same tree but bubble gum bloom later than superior in my yard.


I have a White Sapote that’s been growing in a pot from a seed,for a number of years.The plant was in a greenhouse for the Winter and brought outside,a couple of weeks ago.After recently noticing some dark spots on the leaves,with some yellowing and falling off,I took a closer look and see,they are Scale.

The tree was just sprayed with ORTHO TREE & SHRUB FRUIT TREE SPRAY,with is comprised of 70% Neem,2.5% Piperonyl Butoxide and .25% Pyrethrins.
My question is,should I wait to see the effects of the insecticide or squish the majority of them?bb


Wow. That looks bad. You could try squishing by hand.
I did that with some figs and they are now taking off.


Is that San Jose scale?


They mostly go on the lower trunks of my in ground fig trees. I would put some paper at the bottom and use a toothbrush to scrape them off. The paper and the scales go into a plastic bag in the trash can.


I haven’t dealt with them too much,but they could be.Someone stated,there are over 8000 different


Thanks,maybe I’ll try


Triazacide. Kills them almost instantly. Spray the soilnascwell. If they return it won ‘t be for at least 6 months. drench it!. Remember The dilution ratio on the bottle.


A quick killer.That’s probably what I need,since the scale have been there for awhile,without me knowing what they


Cool! Looking good! I lost a few plums from a tree dying, oh well. I added Elephant Heart, and tried to add some peaches. I also grafted Black Prince mulberry which is a very big mulberry, not as big as Pakistan, but nice and fat all the same. Appears to have taken. I also added some pluots. I’m curious to compare Emerald Drop, to Emerald Gem.


I was given these raspberries last year and I have no idea what kind they are. Anyone able to help? Thanks. Very prickly, canes almost appear hairy.


Check out this Mulberry that gave itself a bridge graft to stay alive. I cut a ring around the tree several feet up in an attempt to kill it. I did not cut any lower because I didn’t want to hit metal which may be imbedded in the trunk.


Bee Gees. Staying alive!!!


One of my bare root trees arrive with some trunk damage. Is there anything I should do for it? Will it heal by itself?



For what it’s worth I put in a persimmon last year with damage that looked like that. It is still alive


I would clean up the margins of the damage a little bit with a sharp knife.


Hoping someone can help me identify what Sort of suckers I’ve got coming up from this tree that was cut down long before I got my property… thinking maybe it’s some sort of fruit tree root stock. Thanks!