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I really don’t know about trees and primer, but will say this… typical latex paint is relatively vapor permeable, meaning moisture can migrate through it. Depending on the primer, it may or may not be as permeable, and that could have some effect on the tree. In my head, primer is closer to glue.

Exactly. The “glue” (or resin) your talking about is called binder in paint terms. And also causes gloss. That’s why high gloss exterior paints last for longer than low gloss and matt paints.

I’m not extremely worried about it letting trough moisture. I’m more worried about not enough gas exchange. (co2 and o2) I’d preferer a more permeable paint yea.

To some degree lime (main ingredient in interior wall White latex paint) also acts like a binder. And thus the cheaper paints don’t contain any or much “resin” binder. This imo also makes the cheaper paints more suitable for gardening. A bit of lime won’t hurt much. I can’t definitively say the same about resins/binders.


Can someone give me an idea as to what might be wrong with my blueberry bush. Soil pH is 4.7, temps have been typical NC late spring (hot and muggy), I’ve been watering with water that is pH ~5.0.

Any ideas?

Possibly Septoria Leaf Spot or Anthracnose.

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Please confirm:

Do sweet cherries produce on one year old wood / previous seasons growth?

yes. But only a little at the base of last years shoot.

see fig 3 on page 8

for detailed explenation.

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I have some recently planted bare root peaches and plums that will be trained to open vase, and I’m targeting to keep these to 8-10’ high, with scaffolds starting pretty low (18-28").

I recall aiming for a scaffold crotch angle of 60 degrees with peaches at my last place. Does anyone go closer to horizontal (90 degrees) at the trunk, and is there any benefit or drawback?

Im officially trying my hand at some indoor gardening. Unfortunately the only garden center near me is a walmart. I picked up some sterile soil (to make sure there are no pests/viruses etc) but there was a hole punched through the last bag available. Does anyone know if the hole is likely to have made critters want to come and visit?

I’m not sure about the hole in the bag, but I will suggest investing in some “Mosquito Bits” to sprinkle over the soil of indoor plantings to curb a possible fungus gnat infestation.

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I was just reading about fungus gnat and all the trouble they can cause. Thank you so much for this tip!!

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Do you know if fruit flies can also be an issue on indoor fruit growing?

I haven’t experienced fruit flies from indoor planting. I kept the plantings indoors during winter and moved them outside during warmer weather. I did have a large number of fungus gnats that I believe came from a plant that was previously outdoors and then spread to the new pots. The mosquito bits eventually killed them off, but I used it too late and the larva already had done damage. I would suggest using it early on as a preventative.

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Ive already purchased from amazon, thank you again! I think I’m going to make a formal post with progress updates since I couldn’t find too much specific information on what Im trying to do.

So this is an American persimmon, NC-10. Planted bare root about 1 month ago or so, the tips have died off though. It appears further growth has restarted on one limb, which is encouraging but I’m not certain its ok. Does anyone know what may cause tip death, (new growth turned black/dried and fell). Heavy mulched area with decent spring rain, maybe the rains did not soak deep enough? Zone 6b, cool wet springs and mild dry summers typically. Cheers for any insights.


If you haven’t seen it, Check my recent related post and responses on persimmon leaves turning crispy and black.
No additional progress since I posted.

Does anyone have experience using organic fertilizers on houseplants? I know it has a bit of an odor in general but does that dissipate once watered in?

Insects will eat the growth tips out like that. It will start growing again. I have used fertilizer like miracle grow to encourage extra growth if it’s not too far into the growing season to do so.

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How tall can gooseberries get? My dad is camping in eastern Oregon and sent me a picture of a gooseberry at the RV campground along the highway. It’s a monster. My mom was standing next to it, and I’d guess it’s about 12 feet tall, if not taller. They said it had a bunch of fruit but that it wasn’t ripe yet.

Any idea which cultivar gets this large?

could also be a jostaberry. Those can get pretty huge, and the unripe fruit look really like goosberries.

Does it have spikes?