Show Off Your Figs and "This year Harvest"


I picked my first main crop Chicago Hardy last week. The ants got to it before I picked it.

This is the tree it was picked from.


Ants are definitely a pain; and the damage they do seems to draw in pests such as SWDs. This year I’m putting a little tape around trunks and smearing it with Tanglefoot.


RDB Harvested today these were very good.


I finally joined the fig party today with an RdB and what I believe to be either Celeste or Southern Brown Turkey.


Tiger panache - really jammy, but I do pick up a very mild sour note at the end. Not sure the sudden heat caused it to start go bad

UNK Pastiliere - I hope this is the right variety (got it from Harvey@figaholics last winter) as that would confirm wasps in my area. The first year figs are not very special, but may be better next year.


Great looking figs


First Smith of the year just harvested ::sunglasses:


Beer’s Black, Potted, Main Crop, 8-18.

First VdB-type I’ve ever ripened. Very sweet, and one of the densest figs I’ve sampled. Nature’s candy!


Barnisotte, got a head start in the greenhouse.


Improved Celeste very good fig. If you are not growing you should. It is one of the top 10 fig in my over 100. Do not listen to easy availability just try it.


This looks wonderful. But it is not improved Celeste. IC is amber fleshed sugar fig. Pretty average in taste. Much inferior to RDB or even Celeste.


I have three strain of improved Celeste and I know you are looking at that red berry tone which is not present in improved Celeste but same tree produced figs without that berry tone last year. As you know about different growing conditions and zones will produce different figs.


That’s amazing.

I’ve seen some fig varieties that are naturally red fleshed produce amber colored flesh some times. Never the other way around.

Anyway thanks for the clarification


I will add it to my wishlist! Thanks for the advice


We’ve had a ton of rain in North Carolina. The Violette de Bordeaux figs are splitting before they can even ripen. They look like the monsters on the show Stranger Things. They also made some fantastic preserves.


Lamperia Prusch Fig first time producing perfectly ripe and it was real good.


Tiger fig does have a little sour taste that I like. It gives a nice break to sweetness, and make me feel less guitly eating them. It is the only type I can eat when not fully ripe and still taste good.
I took these last night. Today there was no white sap when cutting up.


You are right. I have been experimenting with the picking times for Tiger Panache. The optimal for me would be to pick when they go soft but not droop all the way down - a bit more ripe than what your pic looks (I am guessing). It has really good sugar + hint of acid and I understand why people say its a strawberry jam. When I let it go totally soft, the texture gets more jammy (like my pic) but the acid seem to give off a mild sour note which I do not like.


Yumm! That looks really good!


Great production with my potted figs right now.

Ischia Black UCD

Mixed figs