Show off your loaves


Your croissants look so delicious. I almost can smell their buttery aroma. Making croissant takes way more advanced skills. These are beyond my level of pastries dough skills. I only can stand aside and admire.


You are too kind :relaxed:


Baguettes, at long last!


Trying flatbread in the pizza oven. Not the artist you guys are but it’s pretty good


Holy moly! That is fabulous! What an amazing oven too!!!


A little desert one for after dinner


That looks great! Good job! Tell us more about your oven- with pictures! Did you build it yourself??


I did not build it, I am not too handy. It has a gas fire place below and then the pizza oven above. They are not connected. On the other side I have a built in grill and griddle that we use way more but my kids love the pizza oven.


Love it!


Wow that is really cool! A few years ago I read a lot about how to build a pizza oven, but thats as far as I got. Yours is really nice.


Yesterday our son Ethan kneaded the dough for me. We baked 8 regular loaves of wheat bread. The tops are shiny from being brushed with butter. The big bowl is butter being made. It needs to be salted yet.
While the pizza ovens are awesome and neat, this was baked in glass and metal pans in the old Majestic.
Sandwitches and toast. The other end of the table is loaded with flats of Indian Blood peaches. I’m thinking jam tomorrow since we still have a bunch of plain canned peaches and froze a bunch already this year.


Here is the peach jam for the bread. A bit of pectin added, maybe 2 tsp per gallon. I used 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of citric acid per gallon mixed with the pectin and 1 1/2 cups of sugar. 2 tbsp calcium water per gal. 16 quarts total.
Indian Blood white peaches.


I’m surprised at how pale your Indian Blood peaches are. Ours, especially Free but also Cling, are dark purple after cooking; they look much like Black Boy peaches. Must be the climate/environment difference.

Bet your jam will taste great, in any case.


A few years ago our Silver Logan peaches were super red. I guess years vary. The tree overset and didnt get thinned. I figured with gallons of Redhaven canned in the basement and a bunch in the freezer, this would be the best use of these smaller, not optimum flavored, clingstone fruits. The jam is tasty!!


Interesting. that’s the first I’d heard of calcium water, that I recall. I had to look it up.


Good to see this topic still going strong. You folks can really bake!

Not exactly a loaf but a nice use of flour. Cast iron skillet pizza:

I was amazed by the crunchy bottom crust. Just say no to delivery pizza, this is really easy and good.


Looks great! I love a fried pizza.


@MrClint, grub hub is going to pick that up for me


Here’s where I got the recipe:

Sorry for the shameless ads in the video.


What do you do for sauce?