Show off your loaves


I used some canned San Marzano tomatoes this time out. I’ve got some homemade sauce made from New Big Dwarf tomatoes from the garden for the next pizza. So many cool things about this kind of pizza, most notably the seasoned crunchy bottom crust. Next level stuff.


I’ve gotten hooked on canned San Marzanos…may never go back.
I do pizza fairly often. I do a sort of Neapolitan style, as best i can in my electric oven, with wild yeast leaven. Sometimes i wish for more flavor in the crust but i feel too lazy to really do much tinkering with it LOL
Though actually I did recently change my method slightly and it has helped some.
I really love a deep dish pizza so i may have to try it soon!


Our apple pie

Bread of spelt, sweet potato and walnuts