What fruits did you eat today?


The store here had apriums and pluots last week, so I bought a few of each, as @speedster1 mentioned the aprium was very slightly but noticeably fuzzy.


Well, it definitely didnt have any fuzz on it, so it was probably a pluot.

So, assuming it is a pluot, any guesses as to what variety?


Who was the grower? Brady


It was a farm in Cali, I vaguely remember it being Family Tree Farms? It was the same place that produced the Dapple Dandy I bought last year from the store.


What store was that? I found these at the local Wal-Mart.


HyVee in Minnesota. I was shocked to see them. I was headed to a gathering where everyone was expected to pass a dish, so I bought some of both to share. Nobody else ate any! I was super pumped to try each one. I guess not everyone cares about fruit quite as much as all of us do. Just another way that i am “so weird,” as my lovely daughter would say!


If I could only grow one apple, it would probably be Melrose. Great combination of taste and productivity. No apple is disease free for me, but Melrose is better than most in that regard. I think Goldrush tastes a little better when fully ripe, but I’m not sure how consistently they will ripen for me.


Here is a list of pluots (or plumcots) that FTF grow. Based on this list, maybe it could be a Supernova, Dapple Jack, Jubilee, or Summer Punch?


Family Tree Farms does sound like a possibility.They have a list of code numbers for their Plumcots but not Apriums and even then,some share the same number. Brady


Beat me to it.:grinning: Brady


Thanks anyway. I looked at the pluot ripening chart on there and saw the PLU number, and thought if I could find the label on the fruit. But I remember taking it off yesterday! Then I looked for the Kroger receipt that should have the PLU on it, but couldn’t find it either.

I do vaguely remember that the PLU was 3611, but there are several on that chart with that number. From the looks of it, it may be Supernova. Oh well, no big deal. I may have tossed the label into the trash, but don’t really want to dig thru it…

Would it produce fruit true to seed if it grew into a tree? I understand stone fruit are more likely to do this, but don’t know about pluots.


Oh well, more for you then! Were they labeled with any variety name on them?


Not too likely,since they take years and different parents,a lot of times.But what comes from your seed,could be as good or better than the fruit it came from. Brady


Yes, I happily carried them home!

No, and I have seen pluots at one other store one other time, and they have never been labeled with a variety name. It irritates me a bit, but I guess the general consumer wouldn’t care- or maybe there’s not enough varieties yet to be distinctive?


If you every have a chance to get your hands on the Family tree Farms Plumogranite Plout make sure you try it. I wish I could buy a tree in that variety. I really does have a pomegranate flavor to the fruit. I really loved it.


The pomegranate is the only one I can take credit for growing. Rambutan was delicious. My first time trying star apple. It had been frozen and tasted mild and sweet, reminded me of honeydew melon.


It kind of looked like that from the pictures they posted. I still haven’t ate the second one, maybe today.


I wonder how Melrose compares to Chieftain? Iowa State University crossed Jonathan with Delicious and got Chieftain. I like Chieftain a lot. A nice sweet/tart apple with traditional apple taste.


I have never had a Chieftain. The Melrose are not ripe quite yet.


I had my last two of six Honey Jar Jujubes today. Very tasty and sweet.