What fruits did you eat today?


Its been a month since you posted this but I just saw it today for some reason. Anyway, you now have me curious. I thought Nikita’s gift would be very cold hardy since it is part American and Part Asian (right?). Of course, you’re version of cold is much more severe than what we have here, but we get to -5 about once a year most years. Do you have any idea what the lowest temp Nikita’s gift can take is?



At -12F a 1/3 of the Nikita’s Gift top will get died back.


I went to the local orchard store today and noticed that they had “Suncrisp” handwritten on the blackboard outside. I couldn’t find any in the store and asked, and was told they don’t have any in the store and that it must be up in PYO. I grabbed a bag full of Golden Delicious, making sure to pick up those with lots of russet, lots of yellow, and the few with reddish blush. I went up to PYO after and was told they picked the trees clean a few days ago. The store must have just run out.

I had three of them so far. One of them was NOT a golden delicious based on the flavor. Same aroma and taste, but with an acid kick that makes it a remarkable apple. I suspect this was a Suncrisp that got mixed in with the GDs. I should start taking pictures of things like this.

I also asked the employee about GoldRush, since I had talked to the owner about it a few months ago. She hadn’t heard of it and went into the back and talked to the owner’s daughter who told her it’s a “West Coast apple”. I tried explaining that it was a Purdue/Rutgers/Illinois variety that’s very popular with eastern fruit enthusiasts and grown at PYO orchards up and down the East Coast, but she just kept repeating “nope, it’s a West Coast apple”. Oh well. I sent an email to the orchard about that.


Ate two small Arkansas Black apple today. Pretty good but not great.


I don’t know everywhere GR can grow well but looks to me like a better response would be that we don’t grow it here.


Thing is, I know the owner grows it either in a trial area at the orchard property or at his house or something. He told me he’s growing it!


I ate some very tasty plums around the same time and can confirm they where Summer Punch.



Yellow Dragon fruit


Do those yellow dragon fruit live up to what it says on the label…were they sweet? I’m a little perplexed by the few I’ve tried. Everything about the way they look and feel makes me think they are going to be really sweet and wonderful but the ones I’ve had just aren’t. Reading that label on yours intrigues me- are they very sweet?


They are very sweet and refreshing. I found that the yellow fruits are much more sweeter than the red fruits.


I really think it is a hit or miss. It depends on how early the fruit were picked and shipped to sell. I had yellow dragon fruit that were sweet and ones that were sour. Same thing with the red ones.

If I live closer to the area that grow these fruit, I probably could get better quality fruit.


The AB was a hit or miss with me when I had a tree some years back. It was always pretty good at best. I was expecting a lot more out of that variety. I figured it was just where I was at. It is more of a true Southern type apple.


Bought two bags of sweet sixteens today. I’m going to return them, they’re so bad. Soft and Mushy. Dont think I’ve ever returned anything to the grocery store before.


Hubby made apple crisp from Honey Crisp apples.


Same with me. Some are good but some of them are average.


I have been doing that the last year or so with getting fruit like that. I am tired of paying good $$ for produce not worth eating. I have had horrible luck with peaches over the years. They are mushy, dry, and tasteless. I had some apples being the same way. Mushy and tasteless. My family hates mushy apples. My horses will not even eat them.


wow, I have never had such good oranges. They’re just plain old navel oranges, but they make my kitchen smell like roses. Costco did a good job this time.


My local grocery store sell good collection of applies. I like Snap Dragon apple ,a nice crispy, sweet tasted like hineycrispy but has more flavour than honeycrispy


I ate a White Sapote yesterday and one more today. They had smooth and creamy texture. The skin was paper thin so I ate it without peeling. The taste was sweet but I detected bitter after taste.

It reminded me of pawpaws. I think people who love pawpaw will love this fruit.


I’ve never heard of whatever that is. Interesting looking though.