Any way to turn off badges?

Yeah, I know, it’s a discourse thing. And there’s probably nothing that can be done. But I come to the forum, and see I have notifications, and think “cool!, someone replied to me” only to learn that it’s yet another dumb badge. “You liked a post”. “You linked a post”. Uh yeah, I know I did that.

I suppose the notifications will go away on their own after a while, after I use all the features I’m likely to use. But they are awfully annoying in the meantime.

I’m loving the forum, and don’t want to give a different impression. And I’m on other discourse forums and this is not the first time I’ve been annoyed by this. It’s probably not something you can change, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

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When you reach 100 badges they send you this jacket


Once you get past the “firsts” it should slow down.
I got slightly annoyed once when someone responded to me instead of the thread, and then every response after that was somehow “to me” and generated notifications including emails.

Welcome to one of the best places on the web! Practical knowledge, helpful members, and inspiring pictures and descriptions of tasty fruit.

What more could you want?? :slight_smile:


Oh, I’ve already turned off all the email notifications. Seriously? An email every time someone replies? I like email lists, but this is a web forum, and I don’t need it to ALSO send me a ton of emails.

This is now my third Discourse forum. The other two are more-or-less reboots of vBulletin fora. Discourse has some nice features, but all-in-all, I’m not really a fan. It’s too much of a busibody, and a lot of it is unintuitive to new users.

I was a VERY early member of this forum (It says I joined in 1999) and after playing around with it for a bit, I left because I didn’t like the software. Also, there was no content to speak of at the time. I mean, of course content and other posters are more important than software. I plan to stick around this time. But… not really a Discourse fan.

Hey…they give trophies in school for ‘participating’ and not just winning anymore…
might as well go with the flow.
(Once you’ve gained one, you don’t get a second one like it.)

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I never receive emails since I turned that option off in preferences.

I wonder who ran the forum in 1999?

Scott created this Growingfruit forum around Feb10, 2015. That’s when many of us left Gardenweb/Houzz and followed Scott here.


I remember, Tipi. I joined on February 13, 2015, which, if I recall correctly, was the second day or so after Scott so kindly took it on himself to make it happen. He found the software, did the necessary tinkering to make it suitable for us, keeps it updated, pays the bills from our very modest contributions, is one of the half-dozen excellent moderators we are privileged to have, and is generally on hand for whatever needs to be done.

I for one am very grateful. I know that on those rare occasions when I check back on GardenWeb I am always struck by how poorly they compare now. We are indeed very lucky here. And thank you for your steadfast and thoughtful hand!


It says for you “Joined Mar 31, '19”, which is 2019, not 1999.


If you click on your avatar, it will show when you joined. First, your memory is excellent. Secondly, you beat me by two days!!!


Beat y’all! Feb 10th :grin:

Back to the topic, Discourse does great things and it does annoying things. You are getting inundated with badges having gone from inactive to super active on a short period, it is not designed around that kind of user.


I am new here. The badges are kinda fun. Perhaps someday I will find them annoying but for now they are kinda fun.
I really appreciate knowing when there is a reply to something I am interested in.


Thanks, that makes more sense.

Heh. Well, that’s been my experience on all three discourse forums I use. One moved from vbulletin, where I was already an active poster. The other sorta did the same. A community’s vbulletin forum was shut down when the owner decided they didn’t want to host it anymore, and someone who had been playing with a similar forum and had already built (and abandoned) one threw up a substitute.

I did walk away from this one after joining, basically because it was too hard for me to get comfortable with discourse. I’m glad i found it again.


I remember you over on the old Nafex forum. Welcome back here.

You might look at your preferences. At your “home” page on Discourse, click on the preferences tab. Scroll down to the “Notify when liked” Select the drop down box “never”. That will get rid of some notifications.

Also, as Scott alluded, the way Discourse is set up, that a user who is sort of inactive for a while gets moved back to level 1, where I think there are a lot more annoying notifications.

I just now moved your account to level 2, so hopefully that will help.


I remembered the Gardenweb days. That website was ok when I joined but several years later, it became annoying bad. When someone had mentioned Scott created a new website so I moved on to this one and have never regretted.



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Hahaha, can’t wait!!

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I have discovered that there’s a setting in your options to turn off all the “new poster” badges!

Hmm, I did it in another forum. I can’t seem to find it here. I will come back and post again if I figure it out.

Edited to add: I think it’s a new feature in Discourse, and hasn’t been implemented here, yet. It’s on the user options interface page.