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I would be quite shocked to find out if a gooseberry grew into a tree.

It would be cool though!


Me too. I meant to snap a photo of the fruit, but never got around to it. I seem to remember it making yellow flowers.


There is something called an Indian gooseberry tree or Amla, but it has different leaves?


I think so. My Bavay flower buds look like the far right one (facing down) in your pic. A short spur of buds.


It has had a few flowers the past two springs, but no fruit. There are spurs like this all up and down the limbs this year, I’m thinking it might be the first fruit year. Exciting!

The neighbors trees have gotten bigger and now shade it in the afternoon though, which I worry about.

Thanks for the reply


Do you need other varieties to cross pollinate?


I have another plum that may also flower- it hasn’t yet but also has noticeable spurs for the first time this year. It is a Mount Royal. Will be interesting to see what happens.


Gage plums are cross pollinated by Euro plums. Mt Royal, though not listed as gages’ pollination partner, is a Euro plum. Hope it will cross pollinate your gage.

I have too many Euro varieties grafted on my plum trees, I can’t tell which cross pollinate which. As long as they flower, they have fruit set.


I will get a photo when it buds out. The fruit look just like gooseberry, and the leaves very similar. I would have to compare side by side.


I haven’t grafted apples before. When is it time? Mine have velvet buds.


Traditionally, people said when leaves are a size of a mouse’s ear
(tight cluster?). In fact, any time from green tip on until fully leaf out would work. It is more important that scionwood is dormant.

Apple gradting is easy because even if scion is not fully dormant, a graft can still be successful.


I’ve heard apples are easy…I’ll see if I can mess it up!! :joy::joy::joy:


You have successfully grafts 100’s of jujubes. Grafting apples would be a piece of cake for you. Apple wood is a lot easily to cut into than harder jujube wood. I think you can graft apple successfully with one eye closed :smiley:


After having cut juju wood all day I’ll be glad for some softer wood. Thanks for your confidence!!!


I live in North Carolina and have a mulberry which is about 16 ft tall right now and about 4in diameter on the trunk. Within the last couple of days I have noticed it starting to Bud out. Is it too late for me to prune the Mulberry back to a more reasonable size?


I did mine back in May of 17. It did not fruit the next year. The trunk was about 5-6 inches in diameter. It has bounced back well and has fruited last year. The new growth is almost vine-like and it will be getting another pruning (not as drastic) this year.

Any questions, just ask…



It is well past time for pruning. But a tree that large if healthy would probley be fine. you would not want to remove more then 25% per season so that would be brining 16ft of tree down to 12ft/


Does anyone know if neem oil or spinosad can be even slightly effective against plum curculio? (peaches, pears, maybe plums) I have those available and really don’t want to spend $40 +shipping for a big bag of Surround when I only have 3-5 young trees that I’ll be spraying. I plan on bagging most of the fruit with organza bags once they get big enough to do so, which worked well with the pears last year. Just need something to keep the curculio at bay for those first few weeks.


I bought a huge bag of surround the year after my trees when the ground 3 years ago or so. Been no fruit to surround till last year and PC took the all out. Surround never went bad. Its a base compound and doesn’t spoil at least. Anyway I do not think either need more spinosads are effective vs PC. I am not placing any requirements on being organic so I am using the New Sevin in combination with the surround but I am counting on the Sevin to kill the PC.

Mitchigan state says organic gardners have had good control with Venerate


I’ve not heard of Venerate before. Anyone here have any comments or experience with it? My organic approaches aren’t working very well, so am looking for more options.